Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Much For Getting Things Done Last Night.....

Boy does time fly when you have lots to do! Here is what my to-do list looks like as of today:
  1. Email April of April Foster Events our program layout
  2. Finish the seating chart (only 20 people left to seat.....not too bad)
  3. Tie ribbon around bubbles (tedious but at least I can watch TV while I do it......if only I could teach our two dogs how to tie bows)
  4. Send time line/addresses to the limo company - Will do at work today
  5. Finish DJ forms (did you know that 'Move Bitch' by Ludacris is considered a commonly played song for the bouquet! Don't worry, that will not be played at our wedding) - Almost done, only 3 songs left to pick (hopefully done tonight)
  6. Tie ribbons to programs once I receive the programs
  7. Finish last minute details for the Sunday brunch
  8. Pack for the honeymoon (can't wait)
  9. Pack all wedding items into a tub - Will start tonight
  10. Go tanning (yes.....I am a bad, bad person but I think I will risk it for the sake of being nice and tan for the wedding....oh, and I will also spray tan too) - Also a must do for tonight
  11. Pick up snacks for the snack bar/bridal party
  12. Wrap future hubby's wedding gift
  13. Burn CD of ceremony music and give to the SRC - Will complete after work
Not too bad! :-) I would have been more productive last night BUT........I had a little drama to deal with. See side story for further elaboration.

Side story: So my dog, Buerly, likes to "mark his territory" by peeing on all the trees and bushes he can. The darn dog has killed several of my plants thanks to this little ritual. Last night was no different. Buerly ran up to a tree in our yard, hiked his leg and started marking his territory. I noticed that there was a plant at the base of the tree that he was walking through as he did his deed. I had never noticed this mystery plant before so something inside of me told me to go check it out. As I got closer I instantly recognized the mystery plant.........POISON IVY!!!! Oh eff!!!!

I immediately freaked out because last time I got poison ivy it was bad and by bad I mean I had it EVERYWHERE and was on antibiotics for a long time!!! To make it worse, I knew that it was possible for dogs to spread poison ivy to humans. Then I really started to freak out when I remembered that we are only 10 days away from walking down the aisle. My brain was running a mile a minute- "I can't get poison ivy right before my wedding! Oh my gosh, what if I do get poison ivy? What will I do?" The drama queen deep down inside of me instantly came to life. and boy did she rear her ugly head.

I ran into the house and called my mom. I knew that she would know what to do because she is highly allergic to poison ivy and has encountered it several times. She told me to get him into the shower.....not the bath tub because the oils would just float around and spread. She also recommended that I bathe him with rubber gloves.

So there I am, standing in the shower with rubber gloves on and a 68 lbs bulldog staring at me because he has no clue what the heck is going on......lovely sight, I am sure. Meanwhile our other little bulldog, Rooney, is pitching the shit fit of the century because he can't be separated from his brother. Rooney was determined to eat his way through the gate in the bathroom to get to us. He howled, cried, screamed and barked because he wanted to be in the shower too with his big brother. As irritated as I was at the situation I couldn't help but laugh at this little dog sitting there biting on the metal bars of the baby gate. I have to give him credit for his determination. Definitely wish I could have gotten a picture of Rooney biting on the gate.

I ran water over Buerly for a good 5 minutes before I started scrubbing him with shampoo because shampoo can also spread the oil if the oil is not completely rinsed off. Once I got him completely washed off I, myself took a shower......just to be on the safe side. After my shower I rubbed my feet down with rubbing alcohol because it breaks down the oils....another extra precaution.

All night long I itched. I am positive that it was more psychological than anything. Even today when I think about it I start to itch which makes me paranoid. I took every precaution but still worry about the 'what if' factor. But don't worry, I got my revenge on that evil poison ivy plant! After spraying enough Round Up to kill a forest of full grown trees I am pretty sure that the evil poison ivy plant is wishing it had never popped up in my yard!

So, fingers are crossed that I don't end up with poison ivy! No matter, today will be much more productive!

Have a great day!!!!
My wonderful boys who like to keep their mommy on her toes at all times! Last night was no different. Rooney is the black and white and Buerly is brown.


Candice said...

Aww I hope there's no outbreaks!!

Rachel H. said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you make it through the incident without any poison ivy! :)

jessica lynn said...

omg when did this happen if I talked to you at 9pm and you didnt mention it!?!? ha!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw! I hope you didn't get it and you're fine. Too funny to picture your dogs totally oblivious to all of this. On a side note, you have a lot to accomplish this evening but I know you'll get it all done! :)

sarah said...

Hope you are getting everything done and avoiding poinson ivy!

hisMrs said...

Wow there is a lot to do on your list! I know you can do it all! I tied the bows on our bubbles a few weeks ago... definitely tedious. I did about 75 of them and gave up. One day soon I will finish what I started! :) Good luck with it all!