Monday, August 3, 2009

Change of Plans

With only 19 days left until the Big Day I still have quite a bit left to do. But don't worry, nothing too overwhelming! :-)

Here are a few of the remaining items-
  • Send April Foster of April Foster Events the lay out for our programs and escort cards (hopefully will be done by Thursday).
  • Download all of the music for the wedding ceremony (we are no longer having an organist....see story below for explanation)
  • Finish wedding day time line (don't worry Stephanie, I think I have this done)
  • Work on seating chart (ugh.....the vain of my existence)
  • Finalize the day after brunch
  • Figure out transportation from the reception to the hotel after the wedding is over
  • Scope out potential photo locations (recommendations welcomed if you are familiar with Indy)
These are a few of the key remaining items that will hopefully get knocked out before next week. Fingers crossed.

Now on to my ceremony music dilemma! We were told in the beginning that we had to use an organist provided by our venue (side note: the venue never even offered pre-recorded music as an option). No problem!

Well, the organist contacted me. He was very nice on the phone and sent me a list of common songs used for weddings (very thoughtful, right?!?). I went through the list and kept the things I liked and made changes to things I didn't like. I sent the list back to him and went on my merry way. A couple hours later I received a call from the organist. He freaked out on the phone and told me that he 'had never even heard of half of these songs before' and asked me where I had found them (and not in that happy, giddy freak out kind of way that you like to hear). I thought that the songs I had selected were pretty common. Trust me, I am definitely no music connoisseur! Then he got really nasty and told me that he refused to play a song while we lit the unity candle because it was a waste since it only takes 'like 2 seconds to light the candle.'

Once he calmed down I took a deep breath and told him.....'don't worry about it, we actually will not be requiring your services anymore.' CAN YOU BELIEVE I FIRED OUR ORGANIST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING?!? I called the event planner at the venue and told her about my predicament. She quickly chimed in and told me that I could either find my own organist or that I could use their sound system (never an option originally). If we used the sound system she would be sure to have someone on site to run the sound boards.

After the whole organist with his panties in a bunch fiasco I definitely chose the sound system! I love the fact that I can be even more selective of the music. I can choose between string quartets, brass ensembles, full symphony, etc without the price tag of hiring one! So, Apple iTunes and I will be spending some quality time this evening perusing through songs and drinking a beer (don't worry Stephanie, I won't have too many beers prior to going over the time line with What a great Monday night! :-)

Did you have any issues with a vendor?!? How did you or your vendor resolve those issues?!?

And some pretty pictures to put a smile on your face since it is Monday!
I love the 'wow' factor and pop you get with the green! Photo via Jessica R Strickland Photography

This is one of the locations that I am considering for our wedding day pictures! The Canal has a lot of potential! What do you think?!? Photo via Jessica R. Strickland Photography

Have a great day!!!!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow, that is so strange he acted that way! I'm glad you have it all figured out though :) Your day is getting SO close!

Jamie said...

Kudos to you for having the courage to stand up against the cranky organist!

Candice said...

So we struggled with transportation and last minute Landon was able to beg and plea for our hotel to shuttle us all day and their price came back free since we had so many guests staying with them. Moral: everything works out just fine in the end!

Megan said...

Good for you for standing up to the jerk!
And I like that location for a photo! It looks like a beautiful backdrop.

My Dream Ring said...

Wow only 19 days, times flyin' for the organist you did the right thing. All he had to do was let you know very calmly instead of freakin out. You don't want that drama on wedding day for sure. At least you guys have decided what you wanted to do.

Jenny.Lee said...

Go you! You shouldn't have to worry about the organist of all people!

chicncheap said...

Some people are so unbelievable.

Glad you're working it out and the music will be undeniably you. We're ipoding the reception and are excited about picking songs.

jessica lynn said...

1. i was going to have a beer tonight because i finally got my bm dress to the alterations lady! (all she kept saying was "beautiful dress" over and over). too bad its already 1130pm. will save the beer for tomorrow.
2. i loooove the canal but my photog refused to shoot us there (even though it was a meaningful place to chris and i). mehr.

sony said...

The organist sounds like a butthead.

Kiana said...

Go to The Canal for pics - that last one is beautiful!

Nicole said...

things will work out! yeah, my florists...but it worked out then..but it was a little heart attack!!!

Amy Jo said...

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble reading your blog? The actual content spans too far out on the sides into your damask design and it is impossible to read anything? Maybe it's just my computer or something!

sarah said...

You guys are getting so close to the big day! It is so exciting!