Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Only 3 days left until I become a Mrs!!!! People keep asking me if I am nervous and my answer is no. It just feels like any other week (well busier) but it still has not registered in my mind that I am getting married........which may be good.

Here is my final to-do list:

  • Finish month end books at work
  • Go tanning
  • Finish packing for the honeymoon (I am almost packed but the future hubby is a completely different story)
  • Pack the dogs food, toys and beds for the pet lodge
  • Put laundry away
  • Pick up around the house
  • Drop off my engagement ring to be re-rhodium plated*
  • Pick up my wedding dress and veil (EEEEEH! I can't wait to see it!)
  • Get full set of nails and pedi with matron of honor......relaxation!
  • If there is any packing left, finish it
  • Run final load of laundry
  • Pick up programs from April and begin to assemble
  • Pray that the menu cards and guest favor cards are in the mail so that I can begin to assemble
  • Drop dogs off at pet lodge
  • Pick up engagement ring and weddings bands (fingers are crossed that future hubby's wedding band will be there since it isn't being delivered until Friday)
  • Start hauling everything downtown to the hotel and SRC
  • Finish assembling programs, menu cards, and guest favor cards
  • Rehearsal/Rehearsal dinner
  • Girls sleep over in the chairman's suite at the hotel! :-)
  • Get married and have fun!
There you have it, my final to-do list!

*Rhodium is a precious metal and is used on the surface of jewelry to resist scratches and tarnish and to give a white, reflective appearance. Rhodium plating (rhodium electroplating) refers to the technique of covering the surface of jewelry with Rhodium. Rhodium plating does not last forever which is why after a while white gold will begin to lose its luster. Jewelry that is worn everyday (ie- engagement rings and wedding bands) may need to be re-rhodium plated after 2 years. Prices will vary based on the thickness of the rhodium plating and the complexity of the jewelry. A thicker rhodium plating will ensure that the shiny appearance lasts longer. You can read more about rhodium plating here.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!!


TheRoddyBride said...

Yay!! Can you believe how fast the time went? I was chatting it up with the Mr. and am pretty shocked that we only have 2.5 weeks left.

Good luck with the last few days!

Future Mrs. H said...

Wow I can't believe it is almost your big day!!! I hope that you finish everything on your task lists... the important stuff at least =0) Also, I hope that your hub's ring is in!! Good luck!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow!! So exciting! I'm so happy for you and really looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pictures of course! :)

Rachel H. said...

OMG...I can't believe how fast it's gone! It seems like yesterday you were posting of the engagement! Good Luck! I'm sure you can get it all done this week! :)

Lynsey and Brian said...

So exciting! Time has flown by! I can't be more excited for you!!! Looking forward to hearing all about the big day!

LC said...

good luck, relax, and enjoy every second of this time!!!! i can't wait to see pictures.

LC said...
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Amy Jo said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see pics of the big day.

And a big thank you for the info on the plating. My ring is only a year old and it already is losing it's shine (and full of scratches on underside). I will look into this further.

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am so so excited for you! I can't believe it is here!! YAY! It is going to be amazing. I cannot wait to see the recaps!!

Christine said...

Oh wow...
I'm sure you'll get everything finished in time :-)
I'm excited, too.

chicncheap said...

Congrats and welcome to the club :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I know I've said this before but wow it seems like your wedding came so fast!!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Kiana said...

Good luck with getting everything done! It's going to go by fast. Remember to stop every once in a while & take it all in, even the little stuff! :)

Christine said...

I'm wishing you and your FI a wonderful wedding day. Have fun and enjoy it :-)

Cat said...

holy crap! youre getting married tomorrow!!!!! wishing you nothing but the best:) can't wait for the recaps!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I don't see you leaving any last minute posts, so I just want to say I hope you have a wonderful wedding tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and that you remember to just take it all in and enjoy it! Have so much fun and looking forward to hearing all about it and pictures later on of course!

Lynsey and Brian said...

Congratulations married woman! Hope your wedding was all you dreamt it would be and more!