Monday, June 1, 2009

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I did!

Future Hubby and I cooked out with my best friend/MOH, P, and her husband on Friday night. Nothing beats beers/wine on the deck while enjoying the beautiful weather! :-)

On Saturday we went to pick up our wedding bands. Slight issue- the spacing of the diamonds on my band did not match the spacing on my engagement ring, at all. And Future Hubby's ring didn't turn out quite like we had envisioned either (or at least it didn't turn out according to the original design that had been drawn up). Let's just say that our rings are being fixed and due to the spacing mistake on the ring I am going to end up with even more diamonds than originally expected for the same price of the original quote. Yay!!

After the jewelery store adventure we headed to our local hang out - Menards. Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our patio project are done so now it is time to begin Phase 3 which will require 500 retaining wall bricks. Doesn't that sound like fun?!? I look at it as the perfect way to get a tan while toning my arms and legs! Screw going to the gym, build a paver patio with retaining walls and I guarantee you will have nicely, toned arms! After Menards we went out to dinner and then went home to be HUGE bums the rest of the night. It worked out great since we had some pretty hefty storms roll through. I know the dogs appreciated us being there (they aren't exactly fans of storms). Our king size bed quickly dwindled down to what felt like a twin size bed thanks to Buerly and Rooney taking up over half of the bed. They have no problem making themselves comfortable at the expense of our comfort. Spoiled rotten!

On Sunday we went to a new church. The pastor who is marrying us preaches at this church. The church that we went to is part of the 'feeder school/church systems' that feeds into the Lutheran high school that I attended. I saw several people I knew from high school so it didn't feel that new/different to me. Poor Future Hubby was thrown into something very new. He had attended a Catholic high school so the style of service was very different from what he was used to. My favorite comment from Future Hubby- "Wow, you Lutheran sure like to sing!" Haha! After the church service we were able to officially meet the pastor who is marrying us. He doesn't mess around! He scheduled our first pre-marital counseling session for this Tuesday! YIKES!!!! I can't believe how nervous I am for this! Were you nervous?!?

On our way home from church, Future Hubby saw a billboard advertising an exhibit at the zoo and threw out the idea of going to the zoo for the day. We had a WONDERFUL time! The weather was amazing and I captured some great pictures of the animals. Note to self- make sure that when we have kids that we teach them to have manners and behave well in public places. That was the only issue with going to the zoo on the weekend- lots of bratty kids. And to make it worse, the parents are sometimes worse than the kids. I am going to stop there because I could climb up on my soap box and rant for hours on this topic. Don't worry, I didn't let the bratty kids/parents ruin our day! :-)

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend! Now it is back to the grind. BUT I have a lot to look forward to!!!! My bachelorette party is this weekend and it is a big secret as to what we are doing!!!! YAY!!!

Have a great Monday!!!
Haha! I love this picture! Boys being boys! Photo via Tamara Ehrgott Photography


Jenny.Lee said...

What an awesome weekend! I'm glad they are fixing your bands for you!

Megan said...

Does this mean you have a preacher officially lined up?