Monday, June 15, 2009

The Great Limo Debacle!!!!

It's just a limo, right?!? Apparently the answer is wrong in my scenario.

I have been putting off the limo search because I had no referrals and it just wasn't a priority on my list at the time. But I found my dream limos on Thursday!!!! Yes, I said limos plural because we will need two limos thanks to our large bridal party size (18 counting us, 20 if you include the ring bearer and flower girl). Here are the two limos that I booked on Thursday:
Nice, right?!? I can't tell you how excited I was at the thought of capturing some great pictures with these beauties!!!

Fast forward a day- my dad walks into my office to ask me if I had read any reviews of the company. Gasp! Yes, I booked without researching reviews but look how pretty these limos can't blame a girl! What my dad said did make sense so I started searching, just in case. I couldn't find any online reviews so I turned to the good ol' BBB (Better Business Bureau). The company that I booked the limos through wasn't BBB Accredited. Not a huge deal since most companies aren't but the next bit of information I couldn't swallow...........they received an F rating! The reasonings behind their F rating was something that I could not look past. Like my dad said, the last thing you need is for a limo driver not to show on your wedding day. So, that night I called the owner and vaguely said that 'unforeseen circumstances' had arisen and that I would need to cancel the limos (less than one day from when I had booked them). I am pretty sure that he took my 'unforeseen circumstances' as 'the wedding is off, don't ask questions.' I was able to get the deposit back without putting up a fight.....thank goodness!!!

Our limo is now booked through Carey Limousine, a national/international limo company. I was able to get a great deal and even though it may not be pretty it definitely will be economical and appeal to the boys. May I present you with our 23 passenger party bus-
Le Sigh, it definitely is no Rolls or Excalibur but here are the pros that I keep telling myself:
  • It will hold the entire bridal party with plenty of room
  • With the extra room we will be able to fit a cooler of 'beverages' in the back
  • It has seat belts so my 5 year old niece and 1 year old nephew can ride with us if they want
  • It will be MUCH easier for the girls to get in and out of since they have long dresses
  • It will be a God-send for me to get in and out of since I have a huge, puffy ball grown dress
  • The company is VERY reliable and received an A rating on the BBB
  • It will be half the cost of the original two limos since we are going with a bus that can accommodate everyone
Overall, the pros are definitely worth the switch! So here are the lessons learned:

Lesson #1 - BBB is your best friend! Utilize it!!! You will get the unbiased opinion of the company.

Lesson #2 - Do your research! Don't get excited and jump into something without doing a little research.

Lesson #3 - Be open to other means of transportation. You don't have to go with the standard Lincoln limo. In my situation, a bus will work much better due to the size of our bridal party!

Lesson #4 - Don't be afraid to wheel and deal! A lot of these companies are willing to wheel and deal a little bit thanks to the current economical situation. Limos are viewed as a luxury, not a necessity.

Lesson #5 - You don't have to have an antique car for great pictures. The pictures will be as memorable as you make them! If a photographer can turn a broken down, ugly bus into a masterpiece than you can make any vehicle work to your advantage!

And here I thought it was a just a limo. Boy was I wrong! Haha! Good luck to anyone else out there who is currently booking a limo or any vendor for that matter!

Have a great rest of your Monday!


Christine said...

Puh OK...
Well, I like the bus thing quite much - and it's much more comfortable to get in and out in a wedding gown (we had a Chevy Blazer Cheyenne and I had problems with getting in and out...).
I think it's a great choice and good that you changed!

Jenny.Lee said...

I think you did the right thing! Better safe than sorry for sure!

Jen said...

We are doing a party bus too - so fun!

My Dream Ring said...

I like the party bus! Those things are KILLER inside and have tons of room, you made the right choice, I think!

Adrienne said...

Good call on making the switch! The bus will be fun and you will have everyone in one vehicle which is always a blast!

the future mrs. smith said...

a planner i work for has buses for all the weddings she does. word of advice: when you're getting the cooler of drinks, beers are ok for the boys, but we do the little cans of champagne that come with straws attached - no one messes up their lipstick with a straw!!