Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deliveries and Pick Up

Our porch has been re designated as a shelter for packages. We have been receiving deliveries daily! I love coming home to find something sitting on our front porch....definitely a great feeling!

Today it is my turn to play UPS/Fedex delivery person. I received a call from Brides by Demetrios letting me know that my bridesmaid dresses are in!!!! FINALLY!!! So after work I will be heading up to the north side to pick up all 8 bridesmaid dresses and hopefully a flower girl dress (there could be some drama if that flower girl dress is not in). Over the next couple of weeks I will be playing delivery driver and dropping these lovely dresses off to their owner's.

When I pick up the BM dresses I will also search high and low for a hair piece based on the votes that I received in this post. So fingers crossed! Wish me luck! :-)

I posted about my bridesmaids dresses here, here, and here. But here is a picture of the dress only the colors will be reversed- taupe dress, champagne sash.

I can't believe I am saying this but I am almost more nervous about seeing the BM dresses than I was when I saw my dress for the first fitting. What if they look ugly?!? What if the champagne and taupe look hideous? What if the dress is hideous?!? Why do I do this to myself?!? lol
Okay, I just need to breathe and chill out!!!

Have a great Thursday! One more day until the weekend!


jessica lynn said...

cannot wait to see them! they will be beautiful! :)

Adrienne said...

We have started receiving packages too! So fun! I am sure your BM dresses will look amazing!!

Cat said...

it's like christmas everyday at my house now too! i love it!!!!

Jessica said...

I love to get packages too. And I cant wait to see the BM dresses. I am sure they look pretty and not ugly.

Nicole said...

I didn't see our BM dresses till the day of the wedding!!! Don't worry...those colors are gorgeous!