Friday, March 20, 2009

Save the Dates

They're here!!!! I received my save-the-dates in the mail from April Foster late last week. The neighbors probably all think that I am crazy because I definitely did a little dance on the porch when I saw the box waiting for me. I ran in the house and grabbed the first sharp object I could find. I couldn't get that box open fast enough!

I quickly opened the package and was so happy with the outcome of our STD's! They look fabulous (at least I think so)!

My soon to be sister-in-law, Tara, is the sweetest person alive! I had mentioned that the one thing that I dreaded the most about this wedding was addressing all 160+ save the dates (yes, I said + because our guest list just passed the 325 mark and is still growing a little bit.....oy). Without even pausing to think about it she offered to make address labels and return address labels for our save the dates. When I received the labels on Tuesday I was in awe of how great they turned out. She did a fantastic job!!!!
Sorry, I blurred out the address so it is kind of hard to see the address label! I cannot wait until the new wedding stamps come out this summer!

She made two different styles of return addresses for me to pick from- one with our monogram and the other with one of our engagement pictures. I couldn't choose so I alternated between the two!

(Pardon the poor picture quality, I had to take the picture with my Blackberry- the lettering is actually in taupe but it is hard to see thanks to the lack of picture quality that my crackberry produces)

Didn't Tara do a great job?!? Thanks to Tara, what could have been a project that lasted days ended up taking me about an hour or so. I am happy to say- My Save the Dates are in the mail as of yesterday afternoon!!!!
Oh, and I don't think I have shown you my new monogram- compliments of April Foster! When we sat down for our initial meeting she looked at my original monogram and said that it would be hard to use because it was so detailed and would look blurry on the invites. So she created a new monogram for me and I love it!

Up next- My Save the Dates (sorry, I have to at least wait a day or so since some of my readers are invited to the wedding).

Have a GREAT weekend! Oh, wish me luck! I am hosting my best friends bridal shower this weekend at my house. I received a call from her mom last night and we are having margaritas on top of the traditional Mexican food dishes......should be fun!


Helen, Linda, & Holly said...

soooo fun! i think UPS & FedEx hate me, i live in the middle of nowhere, but they have to come to my house atleast twice a week now!
one of my favorite parts of wedding planning is packages sitting on the door step, even though you already know what is inside it's still a rush!

Candice said...

They look so pretty!!! April and Tara did a great job!

Adrienne said...

Oh that is so exciting. April is amazing! I can't wait to see the finished product!

melissa said...

How exciting! I love that your picture is on one of the labels. Although your monogram is nice too. You made a good decision to alternate.

Great ideas on your blog BTW!

Christine said...

Great :-))
Love the pictured label as well.
Looking forward seeing your std :-)

Jessie said...

How beautiful! :-)

My Dream Ring said...

Love the monogram, and I can't wait to see your STD's :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

The photo of them in the box with the pink and white styrofoam thing-ys is even pretty!

They look great!

Amanda B. Young said...

So excited for you! And the monogram is beautiful!