Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm back!!!! Sorry about not posting anything at all so far this week. Oh my gosh I just realized it is Thursday and I haven't posted since last week......bad me!

Well, I am back! Things have been VERY VERY VERY hectic as of late. Here are just a few of the major things that have been/are going on-
  • I am hosting a bridal shower for my best friend (she is my maid of honor and I am her maid of honor) on Saturday. So you know what that means......spring cleaning 2009 has commenced at our household! It is unbelievable how much our darn dogs shed!!!!
  • We bought a car on Tuesday! Future hubby's car (the Cougar) was starting to go on strike. The transmission has about had it so we decided to find a new car due to the age of his car. Granted, I originally thought that we were just going to look on Tuesday but no, he drove home in a new car. I have to say, I am a tad jealous of what he got. She is BEAUTIFUL. We named her Leila (I dunno if the spelling is correct but pronounced lay-la)....yes, we are those weird people that name beautiful cars. :-)
  • I purchased future hubby's wedding gift! My dad helped me pick it out! I would tell but chances are he would see it and then the surprise would be ruined! But I am giddy with excitement and can't wait to see the look on his face (note to self: be sure someone has a camera ready when he opens).
  • I received my save-the-dates in the mail from April Foster and my WONDERFUL soon to be sister-in-law, Tara, made the most beautiful address labels and return address labels for me (she is always sweet like that). So I have been busy getting the save-the-dates ready.
Whew! I think that is about it. Working everyday and then hitting the ground running as soon as I get off of work. Gotta love sugar-free Red Bull!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

Tomorrow: Save-the-Dates

And of course, beautiful picture since it is so pretty outside!
Photo via Megan W. Photography

Where do I even start?!? The sun, the trees, the staggering of the groomsmen......LOVE IT!!!!


Candice said...

Wow it sound slike you have been so busy! Glad you're back!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey for getting a lot done... have fun hosting the shower.

And I also love Sugar free Red Bull for those hectic days :)

Jenn said...

Wow, so much going on! Have fun!

E said...

Getting our save the dates out took us a little while considering we had them finished in December. But it is crazy how you and i share he same wedding date and we mailed our save the dates almost at the same time, well within the same week. :)

And the whole photo opt of amiling the save the dates.. i told Rick that I wanted to be together a book for our future children of our wedding planning process. we've taken a picture of litterally everything we've done thus far. including me dragging him to bridal shows! :)

Newport Nuptials said...

I can't wait to see teh save the dates!

Anonymous said...

what kind of car did rich get?