Monday, March 30, 2009

Input Requested!

The FH and I went up north this weekend to visit his family. We had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone! The only part that I hate about going up north.......the drive home.

You see, FH's family is an hour behind us. So our 2.5 hour drive turns into a 3.5 hour drive (going up there is great because it is a 1.5 hour drive with the time change). And as if that drive home wasn't long enough last night, we sat in construction forever!!!!!

But there was a positive side to this- we were able to discuss a lot of wedding details that we haven't gotten to yet. One detail, for instance, is whether we are going to use traditional vows or write our own vows. After seeing Jessica's post on Penned & Pretty today I think we need to write our own vows. :-)

Another topic of discussion was our first dance. We are definitely stumped! We don't really go to concerts or have songs that bring back a certain memory of us together (well, we do, but they aren't songs you can slow dance to or wedding appropriate......think of 'The Killers'). So, we have decided that we will each create a CD of songs that we like. We will listen to the songs together and attempt to narrow it down to a favorite. I have started researching songs but would love to hear some input! What song are you using?!? How did you decide on your first dance?!? Any songs that you would suggest?!?
This will be us in 145 days!!!! Hopefully we will find our song before then! :-)

And of course because it is Monday and we could all use a pick-me-up, I had to share some more pictures that I love!

How romantic is this picture?!? LOVE IT!!!

Hmmmm......I wonder if there is a play ground close by to recreate this beauty?!?

I could definitely see FH and the Groom's Men partaking in this activity prior to the wedding. Only difference - our boys will be playing on Butler corn hole boards made by his dad!

All photos via Megan W Photography

Hope you have a great Monday! Oh and thanks for the any input!!!!


Jennifer said...

Our first dance song was "Feels Like Home" by Linda Ronstadt. I heard it in the movie How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days and fell in love with it.

My Dream Ring said...

Our first dance is going to be "Cupid" by Sam Cooke, because that song was playing on an oldies station on our very first date, so that song is huge to us. We are learning the Carolina Shag to dance to the song, plus a bonus is that our song is short, whooohooo!! We wanted to have a song that was kind of up tempo and wouldn't bore everyone to shreds.

Adrienne said...

We are still trying to figure ours out too! We have a few in mind but this is hard! Sorry i am no help. Good luck!!

Lynsey and Brian said...

Our first dance is going to be "This Kind of Love" by Sister Hazel. We both love the song and the lyrics completely describe how we feel about each other and we wanted something that was different and not a song that we had heard at weddings in the past.

Jessie said...

Our favorite is Nothing else matters from Metallica. But we'll see. Good luck!

Jenn said...

We had the hardest time picking a song, because we have very, very different tastes in music. I'm still not sure we've found the right one.

Kayce said...

We were born and raised and live in Charleston, SC and the state dance is The Shag. We are going to shag to Stand By Me by Ben E. King. It's short and sweet and fun and won't bore everyone! I think we will invite our guests to join in to dance with us after a few minutes.

Christine said...

Well, we haven't chosen our song yet. There are 3 songs shortlisted. One classic, one German and one from Elton John.
Good luck choosing.

Oh and yes, our parents will join the songs after a minute or so...

N. said...

We danced to "Beloved One," by Ben Harper, which has always been my song to him... the lyrics just happen to be perfect for a wedding day.