Monday, March 7, 2011

Lunch of Champions

Would you all like to know how you can take a semi-unhealthy lunch and turn it into a completely unhealthy lunch?!

Step 1:
Take a Stouffer's Tuna Noodle Casserole and microwave for 6 minutes 
(450 calories, 180 calories from fat, 20 g of fat, 990 mg of sodium......etc)

Can you all taste the healthiness oozing from this meal?! Oh just you wait because it is only going to get "healthier"!!

Step 2:
Crush up a handful of Ruffles Potato Chips and sprinkle on top
(12 chips = 160 calories, 90 calories from fat, 10 g fat, 160 mg of sodium.....etc)

Are your arteries clogging up just reading this because I feel like mine are....

Step 3 (oh yes, there is most definitely a third step):
Sprinkle Sargento Cheddar Jack Cheese (Reduced Fat, just to be on the healthy side since we are obviously counting calories) on top of casserole concoction and nuke for 15 seconds.

And Bon Appetit! You officially have an unhealthy meal that has been made even unhealthier but tastes oh so good!  I am sure that I will be thinking how great this lunch was when I try on the new bikini that I purchased over the weekend. 

Note: I RARELY make this because of the crazy amount of calories, fat and sodium but every once and a while a girl has to splurge! 

Have a fabulous Monday!
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Sarah Ann said...

It sounds super yummy :) A girl does deserve to splurge!!