Thursday, October 20, 2011


This morning Hubs and I were awaken from our warm, comfy bed to Buerly vomiting.  Great way to start the day, right?! The morning got better......

My check engine light had popped on last night on our way home from dinner.  Hubs suggested that we start the Tahoe a couple times and wait until the morning to see if the light was still on.  I got into my SUV this morning, turned the key and the light was still on. {FAIL}  So I called my mom to see if she could meet me at Goodyear.

As I was finishing getting ready this morning I heard a weird sound in our bathroom.  I figured that Rooney was getting into something, as usual, and yelled at him to knock it off.  The sound did not stop so I yelled at Rooney again.  That is when I realized that Rooney was sitting behind me, quietly giving me that, "What the hell, mom?!?" look.  I ran into the bedroom to see if it was Buerly making the noise but he was just sitting there giving me the, "Mom has officially lost it" look.  So, I started investigating.  It turns out that the noise was coming from our closet.  As I listened my heart sank into my stomach.  It sounded like water dripping in the attic above our closet.  I ran from room to room to see if there were any wet spots on the ceilings......I saw nothing. 

My mind was racing.  What do I do?!? I just kept staring at the entrance to the attic in our closet like it was one of those creepy, scary, distant attic entrances you see in the horror movies......

Do I grab a ladder and see what is going on up there?!? I instantly had a visual pop into my mind that made me decide that I sure as hell did not want to peak my head into that scary attic.

I have seen this commercial one too many times.  While I used to think it was hysterical, the thought of actually finding something up in the attic left me terrified.  So, I did what any sensible, terrified wife would do.....I called my husband. 

As we speak, my husband is on his way home to go investigate the attic since this wife is too big of a chick shit to do it herself.  Thanks Hubs! :-)

Saying prayers that the dripping sound was just a figment of my imagination.  Oh and hoping that Goodyear calls and says that it was just a minor issue with the check engine light. 

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Jessica said...

Eek! Hope it's nothing severe!