Friday, September 23, 2011

7 Months.......

Holy 7 months batman! I cannot believe that it was SEVEN months ago that I last updated this poor neglected blog.  Is anyone still out there reading?!?

Of course, I can give you the typical excuses.....I have been WAY TOO busy at work......I have writers block......I lead a boring life......etc, etc, etc.   Honestly, I would have to say my absence has been from all of the above so I guess they aren't complete excuses.

So what exactly have I been doing over the past seven months that tore me away from this little ol' blog of mine?!

I went to Houston to watch my Bulldogs play in the Final Four.  I was sad about the outcome but extremely grateful to watch my school play for the chance at a Final Four championship two years in a row.  Not many can say that!
The Butler pre-game party at the Hard Rock in Houston
Catching up with great friends while in Houston.  My friend (former Butler player and my former housemate) and his girlfriend traveled all the way from Slovakia to cheer on the Bulldogs.  That is dedication!

I stained the deck.  Yes ladies, you heard me correctly!  One random, hot day I decided that our deck looked like crap and needed to be stained.  It looks great but I told Hubs that in 2-3 years when our deck needs to be re-stained we will either A.) rip out the deck and have a composite deck with a lifetime stain/color guarantee installed or B.) hire someone to stain the darn thing!  Pictures to come.....

Speaking of home projects, I finally mustered up enough courage to rip out all those AWFUL, cheap bushes that home-builders just love to litter the front of your house with.  There are still three bushes that the builder planted that I kept but after staring at them all summer long I have decided that those have to go in the spring (who knows, I may get overly ambitious and ripe them out this fall).

Hubs and I and Hubs' parents went to Orlando in June.  It was a wonderful getaway and of course we spent a lot of time at Disney......mostly Epcot.  Love that place!
At the Rose and Crown in Epcot.  Favorite place!

My Hubs has turned me into a soccer hooligan! I went to watch Manchester United vs the Chicago Fire in July of this year.  Hubs is a United FREAK!!! So, I surprised him with front row tickets as his anniversary gift.  Wife of the Century!  I think I actually saw a tear run down his cheek when we sat down in our seats.  Needless to say, after seeing these players he has watched on TV for so long up close.....he is now utterly obsessed!
 Tailgating with friends prior to the game at Soldier Field.  I have TONS of pictures from the actual game but have yet to load them.....oops!
 The leader board at our favorite place to watch soccer on Saturdays/Sundays - Chatham Tap.  Notice who tops that leader board.  ;-)
 Even Buerly is turning into a soccer hooligan and showing his support for soccer, especially the USA National Team.

And of course, I couldn't post a picture of Buerly without including a picture of Rooney.  
Who's the cutest little round bumblebee?!?  I was cleaning out our basement and stumbled across the bee costume.  I am sure he is thinking, "I really don't like you one bit, Mom!"

Well, in a nutshell, that is some of the things that have kept me busy.  I promise, I will not disappear for another 7 months!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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THE Stephanie said...

Holy smokes girl!!! Where have you been???

Glad you're alive! Welcome back :)

My Dream Ring said...

Hey Hey Hey! Welcome back! I've been pretty negligent myself on blogger. I havn't had a lot going on except work and more work so I figured who cares anyway, lol!!! I check in every once in a blue moon.

Missed you, and welcome back!