Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Bulldogs

When Buerly was a puppy one of his all time favorite things to do was play underneath our bed.  If we couldn't find Buerly the first place we would look was under the bed.  I should also mention that if there was an item (bra, wallet, etc) that we couldn't find you could almost count on it being somewhere under the bed.

The bed, to Buerly, was his cave, his safe spot.  He ran under there if he was in trouble (which was often), if there was a storm, to take a nap, or just to play.  We had our very own living, breathing, farting monster that lived under our bed. 

As cute as hiding/sleeping/playing under the bed sounds there were two things that Buerly would do that were not so cute.  After taking a peek under the bed we realized that the little demon child had ripped out all of the lining of the box spring.  Definitely not cute.

The other not so cute thing he would do........attack our feet.  If you even came within 3 feet of the bed he would shoot out from underneath, pounce on your feet with those puppy needle sharp teeth, and then dive back under the bed before you could even register what had just happened.  It never failed.  Eventually Hubs and I learned that we had to take a running leap to avoid being attacked while getting into bed. Of course, this would make Buerly mad and we would pay for it later when we least expected it**. 
See those sharp needle teeth?! They hurt! Don't let this adorable, innocent, squishy face fool you! 

Now imagine falling asleep on the couch on a lazy Sunday.  Your husband wakes you up to go to bed.  Mumbling and half asleep you manage to pull yourself off the couch and make your way back into the bedroom only be ambushed and get the bejeebus scared out of you!  Still sound cute?!? I think not!

Putting laundry away was a nightmare!!!!  I constantly had the ankle biter diving out and back under the bed for sweep attacks.  Buerly would catch us off guard quite often even though we knew that he was under there just waiting to pounce. There is nothing like the feeling of sharp needle teeth sinking into your foot/ankle.  And catching that little booger once he attacked your feet was impossible.  Once he was under that bed he would move from side to side to avoid your reach.  Hubs would take one side of the bed while I took the other and Buerly would sit in the middle, just out of arms reach, proud as could be.  The minute you came close to grabbing him he would scoot to the other corner and remain just out of arms reach.  The only way to get him out was to bribe him with a ball or a treat.  He was such a stinker!
Always ready for the attack!!!!!

**Buerly was too little at this time to jump into bed on his own.  So once you were in bed you were safe. 
Just pray that you didn't forget anything once you were in bed.
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Jessica said...

Aww, he's such an adorable little ankle biter, hahaha!

Marian said...

The cutest stinker out there!!

A Real Housewife said...

i am laughing so much right now! he is the cutest little (or probably big now?) thing!! my ankle biter (granted he's only 5 1/2 lbs) loves hiding under the bed, too...with stolen laundry, of course. i can't help but love him unconditionally, though!

Mrs. Bear said...

Hahahaha so cute!

d.a.r. said...

Aww so cute!! My pug just gets stuck under our bed now and howls so that we can come rescue her :)

Mike said...

That bulldog loves to have his or her tummy rubbed.