Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tale of Two Bulldogs

A while back I had asked what you wanted to hear more of on this blog and several of you responded that you would like to hear more stories about our two mischevious pups! Trust me, I could write books about all the stories and trouble that those two get into.  Plus, I love talking about our babies.

So, where better to start than the beginning. 

Background: I never had a dog growing up but desperately wanted one.  I always told my parents that as soon as I moved out on my own I would get a dog.  I originally always wanted a Boxer or a Great Dane until I met Hubs.  Hubs owned the cutest English Bulldog puppy named Zeus.  You could kind of say that Zeus brought Hubs and I together.  Sadly, the fraternity changed their rules so Zeus had to go back home and live with Hubs' parents. 
 Meet Zeus - The first bulldog love of my life!  This picture pretty much sums up his personality.  Love that dog!

After graduation Hubs and I moved into an apartment together.  We dove head first into finding our first dog/family member.  It definitely was a long process searching out good, reputable breeders who had litters on the ground.  After going on a wild goose chase we finally found a breeder out of Ohio who had one puppy left.  Originally they had planned on keeping him but due to timing decided it would be best to find him a loving home.  His name was Bandit.  He was the CUTEST little squishy thing ever.  The only problem?!? We only had ONE day to decide if we wanted him, to round up the funds to purchase him and to drive to Ohio to pick up the little stinky bundle of joy.  The breeders were leaving town for the summer so we had to make a quick decision. 

After talking all night we decided to make our final decision after we met him.  Hubs and I drove 3+ hours through terrible weather to meet the breeders at a Cracker Barrel off the interstate.  Bandit did not disappoint!  He immediately attacked Hubs' shoe laces which instantly had Hubs sold!  And he was incredibly cuddly which immediately won me over.  I don't think we could have forked the money over any quicker.  I just remember starring at him the entire drive home.  He was so sweet and snugly!  He slept in my lap most of the drive home except during the storms we drove through.  I swore we drove through a tornado at one point. 
Meet Buerly, formerly known as Bandit

It was so exciting to get the little guy home and let him explore his new home!  While we played with him we started discussing names.  We weren't overly crazy about the name Bandit so we started coming up with different names.  A White Sox game was on that night and the name Buerhle instantly popped into my mind.  Mark Buerhle was our favorite pitcher but even better his name was perfect for a bulldog - stocky and burly! We didn't want to spell it the same way as the pitcher so we decided on Buerly. 
Buerly loved this squeaky baseball......that is until he destroyed it
Buerly and Hubs
Kisses! Or attacking the nose......either was possible with Buerly
As much praise as I give Buerly for being such a good boy, he was a TERROR as a puppy! Complete TERROR!!!!
Does that face not scream terror to you?!? And look at all the wrinkles!
This picture really shows how little he was when we brought him home.  I miss being able to just pick him up and carry him around! Now if I pick him up I would probably throw out my back.
This was his toy basket.  He quickly learned how to help himself to it.

Hubs and I would often find Buerly sleeping in the oddest, most uncomfortable positions we had ever seen!
Example #1 - Sleeping half in his crate, half out
Example #2 - Curled around in a ball
Example #3 - Sleeping in the spot where his toy basket belonged

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how Buerly became our owner.  And no, you did not read that incorrectly.....pretty sure the darn dog owns us. 

Have a fabulous day!
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Corinne said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are beyond adorable!!! SO CUTE!! Don't you wish they would always stay that small?
Thanks for sharing - he is quite the keeper :)

jessica lynn said...

i can vouch for that dog, my nephew, being a TERROR as a puppy. but a cute terror.

Jessica said...

Buerly is adorable!! My pup sleeps in odd positions too.

A Real Housewife said...

LOVE IT (and him!). and that pic of him kissing/attacking the hubs nose? TO.DIE.FOR.

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

So so so precious. Bulldogs have always been my favorite. We almost got one before we ended up with out first dog. The one we met was so big he almost ripped my arm out of my socket and took a massive dump in my friends living room. I wasnt living with my fiance at the time and the idea of transporting him back and forth was too much. Theyre still my favorite and someday id love to try again!

Mike said...

Bulldogs are the best type of dogs.