Friday, October 15, 2010

Lions and Tigers and.......Bulldogs?!

I am sure that you all have an idea what Rooney's personality is like from some of my posts.  But just in case you need a better idea of what he is like I have posted a video from the Today show.  No, Rooney is not famous (well, he is famous in my mind).  But the bulldog in this video reminds me of Rooney's personality soooooo much!  Plus, it is an adorable video! :-)

Oh, and when the bulldog attacks the lion cub for looking at his ball wrong.....that would be Buerly.  The bulldozing, taking on anything no matter how big or small, and acting like a rotten lil shit......that TOTALLY defines Rooney! :-)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
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A Real Housewife said...

i saw this on the Today show this morning. made me want a lion cub so bad...

Jessica said...

Bahahah!!! I LOVE IT! Those lion cubs are awesome and Buerly sounds awesome.