Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have an Addiction........

........SHOPPING!!!! I have been VERY good lately but I definitely had a weak moment yesterday. I haven't been clothing shopping in AGES (at least it seemed like ages to me) so I decided that yesterday would be the perfect time to update my summer wardrobe. And to my defense, I was doing my part as a law abiding, tax paying American to stimulate this economy (and boy did I stimulate the case you didn't check yesterday, the Dow Jones was up and even made it over 8,000 points......your welcome stock market).

So, here are some of my purchases:

From White House Black Market (a favorite of mine that always seems to get me into trouble):
On Sale for $29.99

Not on sale but too darn cute to pass up.

From Victoria's Secret (also gets me into trouble):

I love bright colors, especially in the summer!

I hate raisins but I love this top in rum raisin!

$34 for top and bottom!!! I ordered this in turquoise and white polka dots and black and white polka dots (I already have this in brown and white polka dots from last year). If you are looking for a great bikini, look no further! I will swear by this bikini!!!!!

Bandeau Bikini- I figured with the upcoming wedding it would be good to have a strapless top since my dress is strapless.

From Express (got me into a LOT of trouble...not all purchases shown):

Long Black Voile Skirt (perfect for a bridal shower or just to wear on a warm summer day)

Tiered Top (I bought this in navy blue)

J. Crew:

Stretch Chino Frankie Shorts - LOVE THEM!

Abercrombie & Fitch:
Cristine Polo (on sale for $19.80 which is a GREAT deal for A&F polos)

Hmmmm.....I notice a common trend- I think all shopping gets me into trouble! :-)

Now you may be thinking, "Yeah, she went shopping but it doesn't look like a ton of clothing." Well, in order to downplay my addiction I didn't put pictures of everything purchased yesterday! :-) Let's just say that I will have plenty to wear this summer and that upswing in the market could have been caused by Mr. VISA! haha

PS- If any of you shop Victoria's Secret use codes TOPS20 (20% off select tops), SWIM09 (free tote with purchase of swim wear), FREE100 (free shipping on any purchase over $100), and SP916357 (save $15 on purchase of $100 or more, $30 on $150 or more, or $75 on $250 or more). Hope these help!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Adrienne said...

Well done! I love your choices! I ordered that Vickies polka dot suit in brown and white a few months ago, love it! Oh hurry up summer!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love the polka dot bikini, i'll have to scooop that deal up! And the J.Crew shorts are adorable!Thank you!

Shannon said...

Love, Love, LOVE the things you bought! :) You did an excellent job stimulating the economy if I say so myself! You are going to look so fabulous this summer!

Christine said...

Great stuff you bought. Of course just to help the bad economic situation :-) I love this... ähm... "excuse"! *gg*

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

I heart White House Black Market!

Carly said...

Great choices!! I went on a shopping binge before our engagement pictures. I'm ready for more, but my wallet isn't! :)