Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Bullies and the Drama!

I am a VERY bad blogger! I am sorry! I know that I promised all of you pictures of our two Bullies but we had a minor crisis over the weekend involving our 2 1/2 year old Bulldog, Buerly.

On Sunday we decided to give both boys a quick nail trim. Rooney is VERY easy since he has clear nails. (Side note - if you don't have dogs or never have trimmed their nails you have to be VERY careful to not hit the quick. If you don't trim their nails often enough the quick grows out but the more you trim them the more the quick will recede.) That being said, Buerly has black nails so it can be very difficult to trim his nails. You are pretty much playing a guessing game as to where the quick is.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we cut the quick really, really badly! He was bleeding everywhere, including the carpet, so we spent all day Sunday trying to get him to calm down because he gets so worked up that his blood pressure goes through the roof causing him to bleed even worse. We felt soooooo bad!!!! We had his foot bandaged up all day but it proved difficult to keep the wrap around his foot. Not to mention, he hobbled around with the bandages on. I tried my hardest not to laugh because I felt so bad for him but I couldn't help myself. His little brother, Rooney, checked on him a lot during the day to make sure that he was okay! What a good little brother!!!! So, I apologize for not posting pictures or posting wedding news but I think I had a pretty good excuse.

Here is our baby sleeping on the couch under a blanket with his bandaged foot
(or the "club" as we like to call it) sticking out from underneath the covers.

Buerly is doing better today! He doesn't have the bandage around his paw and he hasn't bled anywhere (so far at least). So keep your fingers crossed!!!! Side note - we will not longer be trimming our dogs nails, we will let the vet be the bad guy from now on!!!

PS- if you ever get blood on the carpet use Hydrogen Peroxide to get the blood out!!!! It does not bleach your carpet and gets every bit out......miracle!!!!


L J said...


Sorry to hear about your little guy...I can testify that trimming nails is tough...I have to hold Minne while Candice trims them...But if you cut them to short use Baking Soda directly on the nail for a couple minutes and if will stop the bleeding..


LauraAnn said...

Unfortunately we attempted that and it did not work! Normally we have a stash of Quick Stop but we ran out so the vet tech friend of ours recommended flour, baking powder, baking soda, or toothpaste. Give Minnie a pat on the head for me!

Jen, Ken & Amber too! said...

I read your post about your poor little guy's nail and had to comment. We have a boxer and I accidently cut her nail too short once and no matter what we tried it wouldn't stop. I called the vet and of course they said to bring her in. Well before we did my dad tried one last thing and it worked! He took her and with one person holding her paw (and keeping her calm of course), the other uses a cigarette light (the one you push to light in your car) to "cortirize" it. It sounds painful, but she didn't feel a thing and it "sealed" the nail to stop the bleeding. Same thing the vet would have done, but for a lot more money! Just an FYI for the future : ) Hope your little guy is feeling better!

A said...

poor little guy! glad to hear he's doing better. he sure is adorable!

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

Poor little baby! I gave up on trimming our bulldog's nails bc I was so scared of this happening. So I take him about once a month to the groomers just for the trim. The use a grinder now which works really well. Hope he gets back to his old self soon!

jessica lynn said...

awwww poor little guy! auntie jessica lynn sends her love.

Hannah Noel said...

Awwwww that poor little guy!!

Amanda B. Young said...

Awww! Poor thing! I've so been there -- my puppy has black nails too. One time we cut it so bad that I kept saying I might as well have cut her whole toe off for how much it bled (and bled and bled). Good to know about the hydrogen peroxide.

You should really consider getting Pedi-Paws though too. It's only $20 and works wonders. Kira, who used to HATE having her nails touched, doesn't mind it at all. Plus you never make them bleed and can get them much shorter. It really is as good as they say it is on TV!

Rachel H. said...

Wow!! What a mess?! I agree it is so hard to cut their nails. I'm glad that he is feeling better.