Thursday, February 19, 2009

Input Desperately Needed!!!!

Hello Ladies! I am in the works of co-planning a bridal shower for my best friend, P-Lo. I am providing a house for the bridal shower and I am in charge of games. I know that many of you are probably cringing at the thought of cheesy bridal shower games (I know I tend to cringe when the topic is brought up) but I was hoping to get away from the 'cheesiness' and find games that are actually fun!

This is where all of you come in- do any of you have any suggestions of games, websites for games, etc?!? For those who are married- did you have any fun games for your bridal shower?!? For those getting married- if you are having games, what type of games would you want to have at your bridal shower?!?

I know I can count on all you lovely ladies out there for help! Thanks in advance for the help!!!!
How cool would it be to have this cake at your bridal shower?!?

Okay, after much thought I am going to attempt to recreate this cake for P-Lo's Bridal Shower.....sorta. Yes, I am a crazy lady!

I am going to change it up a little but still stick to the concept seen above! Wish me luck and hopefully I will have pictures of my first attempt in the next few weeks, unless the cake is so bad that I am too embarrassed to post pictures of it. Haha! Stay tuned for pictures of hopefully a gorgeous cake that I can brag about!!!!


Nicole-Lynn said...

I did a couple for a friend when I was a MOH... the "how well do you know your fiance" w/ questions, but that's mostly just for the bride, and how many songs can you come up with with the name "love" in the title?.

Adrienne said...

Ok here is one you can use if you are having a smaller bridal ask each guest to bring something that reminds them of the bride (something that is an inside joke between them would be great). Then you collect all of these items as the guests arrive, put them in a bag, and have the bride pull them out one by one and guess who brought it. I know it sounds a little strange, but it turned out cute at a party I was at and the bride loved it.

Chrissy said...

Those ideas sound great :-)
How about blindfolding the bride to be and let her taste different tastes of cakes she needs to guess?
The idea having a bridal shower cake is really great!

Erica said...

I have some friends who made those dress "cupcakes" for a bridal shower. They turned out amazing, but the girls vowed they would never make them again because they were so difficult. It'd be nice if there was an easy way to make them!

LauraAnn said...

Erica- You read my mind! I actually was just thinking that I might attempt to make those but after reading your comment I may rethink that! Thanks for the comment, you may have saved me a big headache or at least given me an idea of what I am getting myself into!

Wedding Corner said...
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Wedding Corner said...

I don't have any great game idea, but I love what the girls above wrote. If you come up with other ones, don't forget to share ;-)
And the cake... way too cute. Good luck ;-)