Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Puppy Love Photo Party

Today I am linking up with Reinventing the Ordinary's Puppy Photo Party & Cats.  I never need to be asked twice to post a picture or two of my squishy face bulldogs! :-)  Despite how mischievous the two can be they always seem to melt my heart.


Buerly and Rooney cuddling in the sun 
(Buerly is the brown English Bulldog and Rooney is the white and black brindle English Bulldog).

Bribing with food is one of the few ways we are able to get them to sit still for a picture together


Buerly and his big brown eyes......melt

Playing in the yard with his ball, of course

Rooney aka The Cuddler

He's smiling! :-)

Well, I think that I have overloaded you with enough pictures of my two furbabies for one post.  If you have a furbaby, make sure you link up to Reinventing the Ordinary to enter a chance to win a cool canvas print of your furbaby's beautiful face!! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Jessica said...


becky said...

That photo with the two of you guys in it looking up...is amazing. It should totally be framed. How can you not give em what they want with faces like that? I can't believe how insanely loveable they are. You take great pictures. Never too many. That's one reason to have this party...non pet people get a bit irate...but us fur baby lovers never get too many pix. I think we're called enablers. Thanks so much for partying!

Jessica Jane said...

Stopping by from the photo party to say hello! Your pups are too cute! I can't get enough of your photos!