Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun New Gadget!

Well, my Blackberry Storm finally bit the dust.  As of yesterday I could only use half of the QWERTY touch screen and considering the phone doesn't have an actual keypad.......that is an issue.  So, I sucked it up and went to Verizon to find my new companion.

I present to you......

The Samsung Fascinate

Now, I have only owned the phone for a day or so but so far I LOVE it!!!! It is such a fun toy!

Perks to this lovely new device:
  • Gorgeously crystal clear screen (thanks to the AMOLED touch screen)
  • Tons of apps
  • Very fast (especially when utilizing WiFi at home)
  • User friendly
  • Swype (the COOLEST thing EVER)
  • Takes great pictures and video
  • Call quality is good
  • Lightweight 
  • Animated wallpaper.....not a big deal functionally speaking but very awesome
  • The internet package is $20 cheaper/month than Blackberry
  • Skype capable
The not so good:
  • Bing is the programmed search engine (I am a Bing hater....Google lover)
  • You have to charge your phone pretty much everyday if you are utilizing several of the apps (but that is how most smartphones are these days)
But, like I said, the jury is still out on this new toy of mine.  As of day 1.....I still love it......which is more than I could say for my Blackberry Storm.  :-)

Have a fabulous day!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bill Maher is a Joke!

I will let this article do all the talking........

On Friday night, October 16, Bill Maher went on a rant about legendary NFL quarterback and perpetual teenager Brett Favre's recent troubles regarding his alleged “sexting” to a female employee of the New York Jets.

But before too long he turned it into a disgustingly filthy diatribe against “white men” and the type of women they like. It eventually came down to an attack on his favorite target, Sarah Palin and other conservative women. He pompously posited that white men like these women saying, “my theory is that these women represent something those men miss dearly: the traditional idiot housewife.”

And it got me to thinking what kind of “housewife” the never-married Maher might like?

Perhaps it would be the phony ones on television.

I am referring to the series of shows completely mislabeled as the “Real Housewives of...New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, D.C. and the OC and Beverly Hills.”

These women have about as much in common with the real everyday lives of housewives as Bill Maher does with real everyday lives of ordinary Americans.

They are rich urbanites and sub-urbanites complete with lavish homes, fancy cars, closets full of designer clothes and shoes, boxes of jewelry and very bad breast implants. You’d think with all that money they could afford better plastic surgeons.

And that Salahi woman on the D.C. version is so dang skinny, I’ll bet she has to run around in the shower to get wet.

We get to see them scream and yell and argue with each other over nothing of importance. They spend money on extravagant shopping sprees, constantly flaunting their material possessions at the rest of us.

Their husbands are either weak-kneed metrosexuals or adolescent adults who the wives treat as ATMs—that is until they declare bankruptcy.

Their bratty kids are spoiled rotten and appear to have no discernible skills that will get them through life.

They drink wine in the middle of the day and then whine to each other about how difficult their lives of privilege are.

Well pardon me if I don’t feel sorry for them. And for your benefit Mr. Maher let me tell you about the lives of the traditional housewives you so despise and denigrate.

Recently I was in Idaho visiting with my good friends who are cowboys and ranchers. This time of year is for gathering their herds of cattle off the range in preparation for the hard winter that is to come.Work on the ranch is a family affair and everybody works—men, women and children.

But no disrespect or offense to the men, the hardest-working folks are the women. I call them the "Real Housewives of Idaho." Their names are Jenn, Jayme, Kassy, D.J. and Janis. 

I knew these women before I even met them, since I was raised by someone just like them.

They don’t have their own TV show although it would be a helluva lot more interesting than watching the other “real” housewives and definitely better than watching Maher’s weekly ego fest.

They don’t wildly spend money on frivolous things at high-tone stores. They shop at Costco to feed the family and during gathering feed the crew. They are partners with their husbands. Their children are taught the lessons of work, faith and family from the time they can walk and as soon as they can walk they are in the saddle working right alongside their parents.

You don’t hear a lot of whining about how tough their lives are. They know life is tough but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

They don’t have weekends. Saturday and Sunday are just two more days to get the work done.

They don’t stab their female friends in the back when they aren’t around. They pitch-in to help each other and treat each other’s children as if they were their own.

They don’t hang out at Starbucks because they aren’t dumb enough to pay $5 for a cup of coffee and don’t have the time or the inclination to sit around and be neurotic and catty.

And they face adversity everyday and meet it head-on.

Last year we hadn’t been out gathering cows more than an hour when someone spotted a bull used for breeding stuck in mud wallow. It had died struggling to get out. I was riding with my friend Jenn whose bull it was.

As we sat there on our horses she calmly said, “Well, there goes $5,000." When the young cowboy who had found it asked, “Should we pull it out?,” she said, “Nope. No time. We’ll come back later to see what happened. We’ve got to keep going and gather the rest.”

No crying. No whining. No pointing fingers of blame. It happened and the only thing to do was keep going. And that pretty well sums up their lives—keep going.

These are the “mama grizzlies” Sarah Palin is talking about. They identify with her because she is one of them.

I think that Maher belittles them and makes fun of their lifestyle because he is afraid of them and what they represent.

They represent an America that is in resurgence vastly different from his warped and cynical view of the nation and its people. An America that has finally had enough of being ruled by a bunch of elite coastal snobs who push their version of what this country stands for at the expense of traditional values and morals. An America that still prays to God asking for spiritual guidance, unlike Maher who openly mocks religion. Maher better hope he’s right about there being no God or come Judgment Day he is going to be one sorry fella.

It is also an America that is tired of the cattle crap Maher would call entertainment, polluting the minds of their children. And an America that stubbornly believes that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are not just meaningless words from our past but meaningful words to guide our future.

When I got home from my trip, I saw a Facebook posting from one of "the Real Housewives of Idaho." Yes, they have computers and Facebook.

Jayme and one of her sons were helping Jenn and her family and her husband Matt and other son were working at their ranch. She wrote the following:

“Jackson and I have been gathering cows in Soda for Ellis ranch....just got back, now there is laundry to do, house to clean and back to school tomorrow, and driving bus again. Matt and Mattson were gathering cows on our place...its funny how life keeps us all happy and healthy...Great life we live!”

These are the women Bill Maher refers to as the “traditional idiot housewives.” They live on ranches and farms, work on factory floors, raise children and hold down two jobs and they sit around the kitchen table with their husbands each month worrying if they can pay the bills. And somehow they not only survive but thrive.

That is reality, not “reality” TV.

Here’s a piece of friendly advice, Bill. I would stay out of certain parts of America. These women would kick your ass from hell to Sunday, not to mention what their husbands might do.

Better stay in Hollywood with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like Arianna Huffington!

Patrick Dorinson blogs at The Cowboy Libertarian. He lives in California and is just back from a trip to Idaho.

All politics aside, I thought this was a very well written piece.  I thought Bill Maher's rant was incredibly offensive to the majority of American women.  I don't care if you are a SAHM, a career oriented woman, a working mom, etc; all are tough jobs that take a lot of work, time, and selflessness. 

Screw you Bill Maher!  No wonder you have never been married!  You probably think that child birth is a joke too!  (I know, not nice but that is how I feel).

Sorry, his comments about women made my blood boil!!!!

Side note- Sadly, I do watch the Real Housewives shows purely for entertainment purposes only.  I do not for one moment think that their lives are the norm for American's or even begin to reflect the normal American woman.  In fact, I think Bravo has found some of the most crazy, dysfunctional people to create the entertainment.  I highly doubt that these RH women are even viewed as "normal" amongst the rest of the rich, wealthy society. 
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lions and Tigers and.......Bulldogs?!

I am sure that you all have an idea what Rooney's personality is like from some of my posts.  But just in case you need a better idea of what he is like I have posted a video from the Today show.  No, Rooney is not famous (well, he is famous in my mind).  But the bulldog in this video reminds me of Rooney's personality soooooo much!  Plus, it is an adorable video! :-)

Oh, and when the bulldog attacks the lion cub for looking at his ball wrong.....that would be Buerly.  The bulldozing, taking on anything no matter how big or small, and acting like a rotten lil shit......that TOTALLY defines Rooney! :-)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Bulldogs

When Buerly was a puppy one of his all time favorite things to do was play underneath our bed.  If we couldn't find Buerly the first place we would look was under the bed.  I should also mention that if there was an item (bra, wallet, etc) that we couldn't find you could almost count on it being somewhere under the bed.

The bed, to Buerly, was his cave, his safe spot.  He ran under there if he was in trouble (which was often), if there was a storm, to take a nap, or just to play.  We had our very own living, breathing, farting monster that lived under our bed. 

As cute as hiding/sleeping/playing under the bed sounds there were two things that Buerly would do that were not so cute.  After taking a peek under the bed we realized that the little demon child had ripped out all of the lining of the box spring.  Definitely not cute.

The other not so cute thing he would do........attack our feet.  If you even came within 3 feet of the bed he would shoot out from underneath, pounce on your feet with those puppy needle sharp teeth, and then dive back under the bed before you could even register what had just happened.  It never failed.  Eventually Hubs and I learned that we had to take a running leap to avoid being attacked while getting into bed. Of course, this would make Buerly mad and we would pay for it later when we least expected it**. 
See those sharp needle teeth?! They hurt! Don't let this adorable, innocent, squishy face fool you! 

Now imagine falling asleep on the couch on a lazy Sunday.  Your husband wakes you up to go to bed.  Mumbling and half asleep you manage to pull yourself off the couch and make your way back into the bedroom only be ambushed and get the bejeebus scared out of you!  Still sound cute?!? I think not!

Putting laundry away was a nightmare!!!!  I constantly had the ankle biter diving out and back under the bed for sweep attacks.  Buerly would catch us off guard quite often even though we knew that he was under there just waiting to pounce. There is nothing like the feeling of sharp needle teeth sinking into your foot/ankle.  And catching that little booger once he attacked your feet was impossible.  Once he was under that bed he would move from side to side to avoid your reach.  Hubs would take one side of the bed while I took the other and Buerly would sit in the middle, just out of arms reach, proud as could be.  The minute you came close to grabbing him he would scoot to the other corner and remain just out of arms reach.  The only way to get him out was to bribe him with a ball or a treat.  He was such a stinker!
Always ready for the attack!!!!!

**Buerly was too little at this time to jump into bed on his own.  So once you were in bed you were safe. 
Just pray that you didn't forget anything once you were in bed.
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Monday, October 11, 2010


This is me today:

I cannot stop yawning!  What I wouldn't give for my pillow, blanket and bed!  Crazy, busy weekends make for a very LONG work week; especially when you spend majority of the week trying to catch up on rest.

Here was our weekend in a nutshell:
Friday- Picked Hubs up after work and drove straight up to his parents house.  Ate dinner with family and then sat around the bonfire until time to finally go to bed.

Saturday- Went to watch niece cheer for pop warner football team.  Swung by Bass Proshop on way home to pick up grill, propane, and inverter.  Showered quickly and then loaded SUV with cooler, TV, grill, etc.  Drove up to Chicago to tailgate for USA vs Poland soccer match.  Soccer match started at 7pm and ended around 9-ish.  Spent what seemed like eons in Chicago traffic.  Got home after midnight.

Sunday- Woke up EARLY to get ready and pack the car up to drive back home.  Dropped dogs off at home and drove straight to parents house to leave for the Colts game.  Watched the Colts beat KC.  Drove home from game.  Immediately changed into sweat pants and sweat shirt before finding my permanent Sunday position on the couch.  Hubs attempted to keep me awake so that I would be able to fall asleep come bed time.  Major fail.  Woke up and ate some dinner.  Managed to crawl upstairs and into bed.

Monday- Alarm clock screaming at us WAY TOO early.  Hit snooze a million times just praying that it was all a dream.  Eventually pulled myself out of bed to get ready for work.  All I want to do is lay my head on my desk and take a little nipper napper.  I wonder if my boss would notice if I shut my door, crawled under my desk and napped for an hour or two.

Lesson learned:  Never plan multi-city events and try to cram them all in in one weekend!

Oh, and today I have a 4pm appointment to meet with the orthopedic surgeon to find out the results of my MRI.  Fingers crossed!!!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lots of Football in All Forms

I am off for the weekend to watch these sexy studs play what us American's refer to as soccer.  For all of you across the pond, I will be watching some football! GO USA!!!!

And on Sunday I will be watching some American Football at Lucas Oil! GO COLTS!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Definitely Not a Walk in the Park

Today I get to have two of these.......

one to numb and the other to be shoved in my.......

So that I can go lay perfectly still in one of these bad boys for 1 1/2 hours.......

Hello claustrophobia!  Obviously I am going to be having TONS of fun today! {dripping with sarcasm}  I have to go get an MRI Arthrogram of my shoulder.  I am not really sweating the MRI but the giant needle that will be shoved into my shoulder is not really my cup of tea.  Oh how I hate needles!!!!!  Wish me luck {and that I don't see the needle because I may pass out}!!!!

UPDATE:  EEKS!!!!! As the minutes and hours get closer, I get more and more nervous! Please 3:00PM just hurry up so that I can get this over with! 

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tale of Two Bulldogs

A while back I had asked what you wanted to hear more of on this blog and several of you responded that you would like to hear more stories about our two mischevious pups! Trust me, I could write books about all the stories and trouble that those two get into.  Plus, I love talking about our babies.

So, where better to start than the beginning. 

Background: I never had a dog growing up but desperately wanted one.  I always told my parents that as soon as I moved out on my own I would get a dog.  I originally always wanted a Boxer or a Great Dane until I met Hubs.  Hubs owned the cutest English Bulldog puppy named Zeus.  You could kind of say that Zeus brought Hubs and I together.  Sadly, the fraternity changed their rules so Zeus had to go back home and live with Hubs' parents. 
 Meet Zeus - The first bulldog love of my life!  This picture pretty much sums up his personality.  Love that dog!

After graduation Hubs and I moved into an apartment together.  We dove head first into finding our first dog/family member.  It definitely was a long process searching out good, reputable breeders who had litters on the ground.  After going on a wild goose chase we finally found a breeder out of Ohio who had one puppy left.  Originally they had planned on keeping him but due to timing decided it would be best to find him a loving home.  His name was Bandit.  He was the CUTEST little squishy thing ever.  The only problem?!? We only had ONE day to decide if we wanted him, to round up the funds to purchase him and to drive to Ohio to pick up the little stinky bundle of joy.  The breeders were leaving town for the summer so we had to make a quick decision. 

After talking all night we decided to make our final decision after we met him.  Hubs and I drove 3+ hours through terrible weather to meet the breeders at a Cracker Barrel off the interstate.  Bandit did not disappoint!  He immediately attacked Hubs' shoe laces which instantly had Hubs sold!  And he was incredibly cuddly which immediately won me over.  I don't think we could have forked the money over any quicker.  I just remember starring at him the entire drive home.  He was so sweet and snugly!  He slept in my lap most of the drive home except during the storms we drove through.  I swore we drove through a tornado at one point. 
Meet Buerly, formerly known as Bandit

It was so exciting to get the little guy home and let him explore his new home!  While we played with him we started discussing names.  We weren't overly crazy about the name Bandit so we started coming up with different names.  A White Sox game was on that night and the name Buerhle instantly popped into my mind.  Mark Buerhle was our favorite pitcher but even better his name was perfect for a bulldog - stocky and burly! We didn't want to spell it the same way as the pitcher so we decided on Buerly. 
Buerly loved this squeaky baseball......that is until he destroyed it
Buerly and Hubs
Kisses! Or attacking the nose......either was possible with Buerly
As much praise as I give Buerly for being such a good boy, he was a TERROR as a puppy! Complete TERROR!!!!
Does that face not scream terror to you?!? And look at all the wrinkles!
This picture really shows how little he was when we brought him home.  I miss being able to just pick him up and carry him around! Now if I pick him up I would probably throw out my back.
This was his toy basket.  He quickly learned how to help himself to it.

Hubs and I would often find Buerly sleeping in the oddest, most uncomfortable positions we had ever seen!
Example #1 - Sleeping half in his crate, half out
Example #2 - Curled around in a ball
Example #3 - Sleeping in the spot where his toy basket belonged

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how Buerly became our owner.  And no, you did not read that incorrectly.....pretty sure the darn dog owns us. 

Have a fabulous day!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


To my best friend and the most amazing husband ever I wish you the happiest of birthdays!
 Hubs and I @ the Bellagio in Las Vegas.  Great times!
 Hubs and I on an ATV tour in Hawaii
 Hubs will kill me for posting this picture but this was from Halloween my senior year of college.  He came up with the idea to go as a dog catcher so we spent all day getting all the things needed to make the perfect costume.  I have never had so much fun putting together a costume.  I still have his costume!

Hubs and I at the "Happiest Place on Earth".  Well, technically Hubs says that Epcot is the "Happiest Place on Earth" because they serve beer.  Close enough.
Rehearsal dinner for a friend's Florida wedding

Hubs and I at the Manning Bowl this year.

I love you so much babe! I hope you are having a FABULOUS day! Here's to many more fun and exciting memories! Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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Perfect Outfit for a Chilly Fall Day

I was actually excited to wake up freezing cold the past two mornings {okay, maybe not excited about the being cold part}.  As soon as I surfaced from deep underneath the covers I knew that it would be perfect sweater days!  So, I give you my first two official fall outfits of the season!

Day 1-
 Cinch Collar Sweater from WHBM
Tweed-Patterned Pencil Skirt and Black Leggings from WHBM
Style & Company Boots from Macys

Day 2-
Faux Fur Vest and Cotton Thermal V-Neck Sweater from VS
Skinny Jeans from Express
Naughty Monkey D-Ring Boots from Von Maur

The only thing that would compliment these outfits even better would be a venti Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hand! lol  Oh how I love the fall!!!! Next item to break out- scarves!

Have a wonderful day!
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Flies

I CANNOT believe that it is already October! It seems like each year flies by faster and faster......not always a good thing!  Before I know it, Christmas will be approaching.  Sadly, I haven't even pulled all my fall decor out yet.  I better get moving on that pronto!

Other things going on in the random brain of moi:
  • Tomorrow I am playing in a charity golf outing for my high school with Hubs, my dad and my brother.  I am excited to play golf but not sure how I feel about seeing people from the high school I attended.  There is a good reason why I only stayed in touch with a few people from my high school.  Oh, and putting on a fake smile and reminiscing about the "glory days" that many people are still trying to relive is not my idea of fun.  
  • I made myself promise not to get any fall decor out until our downstairs is COMPLETELY 100% clean.  I am beginning to think at this rate I won't even be able to get Christmas out.  I need to stop starting new projects and just get down to business and finish cleaning.
  • My grammar sucks and I am a sucky writer.  I read so many blogs that are written so well and then I look at my writing style and cringe.  Thank God I never desired to be in an industry that requires lots of writing.  My brain knows exactly what it wants to say but somewhere between thinking through my thoughts and typing them out things get a little jumbled.  
  • Once again, a weekend that was supposed to be relaxing is now fully booked.  I don't think we know how to relax anymore.  There was a time not too long ago that we hardly ever had anything to do.  We always complained that we were such losers.  Now we complain that we have too much to do.  It is a never ending battle I tell you!
  • I loathe WebMD!  Long story short, I was having some problems so I did a search. WebMD concluded that I was either having a heart attack, a stroke, gout, etc.  Seriously?!? Telling a borderline hypochondriac that she her symptoms indicate a heart attack or stroke is just asking for anxiety and panic attacks to be added to that list of medical conditions. Oh, and maybe some hyperventilating! 
  • Speaking of hypochondriac......whenever I get a headache or the occasional shooting pain in my head I immediately start thinking that I am a.) having a stroke, b.) having an aneurysm, or c.) dying of a brain tumor.  I know.....such the optimist! Seriously, I am not right in the head......and not because of the
  • I always wonder what it would be like if our dogs could speak.  Hubs and I will sometimes have full out conversations of what Buerly and Rooney would say if they could talk to us.  It is so funny how their personalities influence how they would sound and what they would say.  Yes, we are strangely weird. 
  • Currently there is potential for some change in our lives, good change, really good change.  I am trying my hardest to not get overly excited because this change is not guaranteed.  I wish I could share but for now I have to keep it a secret.  So, if you don't mind, please say a little prayer that this change happens! 
  • No, we are not pregnant nor are we trying at the moment.  Sorry, didn't want the secret change comment mentioned above to start any rumors.  
Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!


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