Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet Future Hubby!

In my last post I gave you the opportunity to ask future hubby and I questions. Here are the answers-

Question #1 - I would like to know what Rich is most excited about on the wedding day itself?
Future Hubby's response: I actually have two things I am most excited about. Seeing her walk down the aisle and our first dance. I am kinda relieved we are going to see each other before the wedding for pictures. I wanted the first time to be when she enters the cathedral but I know I would probably lose it. Secondly, we had such a hard time finding our song. We have had so many fun ones throughout the years but not one that really said to us, "This is the one". Thankfully, we found one that we knew was perfect the moment we danced to it in our living room.

Question #2 - Was there anything he wanted for the wedding, any special requests?
Future Hubby's response: Well, since the baby blue 70's tux with the ruffles and over-sized lapels was nixed, I would have to say..........WOW, I pretty much got the shaft on special requests. Just joking (yes, I was smacked by you know who for the shaft comment) Truth is, I have been working so much that I was lucky to have Lo take care of most of the planning. I am pretty excited about the party bus though (my idea). P.S. The velour track suits with Mr. T gold chains and beer pong tournament were also nixed.

Question #3 - What is the one thing you love about each other best?
Future Hubby's response: Thats a tough question. There are so many. Well, here are a few of my favorite things (queue Sound Of Music: My favorite things) I love that she can name the starting line up of every team I love and has suggested names for our Bulldogs based upon the players. i.e. Buerly (Mark Buerhle of the Chicago White Sox) and Rooney (Wayne Rooney of Manchester United FC) I love that she can chug an entire beer and shake the rafters with a belch that would make "Booger" from Revenge of the Nerds proud. I love how she looks when holding my niece and nephew (she is gonna be one hot mama) I love how she covers her mouth and makes this high pitched "EEEEE" sound when she gets excited. I love that I can take her out to the most expensive restaurant or an Irish/English pub and she can have a wonderful time at either. And most of all, I love that we are just a good if not better friends than we were in college. These are a few of my favorite things!

Question #4 - What does he think of Michael Owen joining Man U? ;)
Future Hubby's response: Oh boy, Mr. Owen. "Flashback of 2003 League Cup" What can I say about the Red Devil killer. I'm torn. I thought I had gotten over the dislike (hate is such a strong word) of this guy until I saw the replay on FSC in which he put 2 goals past United at Old Trafford. Two days later, he is signed. I like the deal. No transfer fee, basic salary, and a load of experience to pass on to an up and coming group of youngster looking to get into the starting 11. I think he still has something to prove and if healthy he can contribute. Even if playing on a bum leg, he has to look more enthusiastic than Berbatov. I've seen EMOs with more enthusiasm for life.

Thank you for the questions and hopefully reading my answers aka ramblings.

And back to LauraAnn - Isn't he the sweetest?!? I think you can all see why I am marrying this wonderful man! He is my best friend and the love of my life! I hope that you enjoyed getting to know my future hubby a little better. And if you have anymore questions for him please feel free to ask away! Have a wonderful night!!!

Up next: THE INVITES!!!!!


august15bride said...

I love this! My future hubby has just agreed to do this on my blog, so please submit questions when the time comes! :)

Future Mrs. H said...

Awwww I want Mr H to play this game - however not enough people would ask questions bc not enough people post comments on my blog -booooo! Anywys your mister is a good guy for doing this. And his whole paragraph about why he loves you made me tear up bc it's totally the random things like burping that count! You are a lucky gal to gave a funny loving guy!

My Dream Ring said...

Love this!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great answers :)

Christine said...

Really great answers.
And one thing makes him more sympathic: he's a ManU fan :-)
Same here... And I like that one of your dogs is named Rooney *smile*
And Owen at ManU - next CL winner again!

Brenn said...

That was great!! My Future Hub Mr.E is a huuuuge Man U fan and like y'all has already dubbed our first dog to be "Rooney". :)

{ Joy } at Wedding Planning with Joy said...

great answers! This is a cute idea, totally asking my FH about doing this on my blog too!! you started a trend here :)

Brittney said...

cute answers... looks like y'all have a lot of fun. Thanks for looking at our pictures and the congrats on hubby's job!!! :)

Not much longer for you :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I personally love Mr. Owen but completely agree with your future hubby. Good answer! lol

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Abbie said...

The favorite things part was too cute!