Monday, July 27, 2009

Caffeine Needed.....desperately

I got the worst night of sleep in a very long time last night (we are talking maybe a couple of hours and that is being generous). I don't know if it is because I have a lot on my mind with the wedding and other stuff or if my body decided to reset its internal clock (I am weird like that.....). Regardless, with only 26 days before the wedding (EEK, only 26 days left) I have an extremely busy week ahead of me and I don't have time to be tired or get sick for that matter! Here is the good ol' lineup!

  1. Monday
    1. Finish catching up on laundry (a never ending process)
    2. Determine wording for menu cards and guest favor cards
    3. Mow the lawn and try to figure out why our grass is dying even though we water and pay to have it treated! Very puzzling and quite annoying.
    4. Grocery shopping......have I ever mentioned that I loathe grocery shopping?!? If not, I do!
  2. Tuesday
    1. Second hair trial- I loved the way my hair turned out on my first hair trial but future hubby wasn't as enthused. He wanted to see something more formal so I am going to make him sit down with me and look through hair styles.
    2. Mail out thank you notes from bridal showers (don't worry, recaps coming soon).
    3. Call jeweler to see if future hubby's wedding band is finished (please let third try be the charm.....fingers crossed)
  3. Wednesday
    1. Meet with SRC coordinator to go over logistics (fingers are crossed that they allow bubbles.....I know, shame on me for not finding out
    2. Phone call with Stephanie to go over DOC timeline.
  4. Thursday
    1. Make up trial with Beth Jerrels of Champagne and Lipstick. VERY excited for this!!!!
    2. Possibly stop by Crooked Stick to see the US Senior Open (thanks Dad for the tickets)
    3. Make call to find out if WW3 will be waged against my mortgage company....gotta love mortgage companies who don't understand what the term arrears means....absolutely unbelievable!
  5. Friday
    1. Possibly stop by Crooked Stick to see the US Senior Open.....depends on what I have left to do
    2. Drink beer
As you can see......pretty busy week ahead of me! I may be enlisting the help of my good friend, Starbucks (better known by my future father-in-law as five bucks....hehe). Do you have a lot to accomplish this week?!? Anything exciting that you are looking forward to?!?

Have a great Monday!

I have a lot to post about this week so be sure to stop back by!!! :-)


Nicole-Lynn said...

Lots to do, you busy girl. I know you'll get it all done!

Katy said...

wow, you're week sounds crazy! I'm currently working on the never-ending task of assembling invitations, finishing my veil (yay DIY), choosing music for the program, choosing readings, emailing cake lady with flavor choices, making a zillion more paper flowers, and finishing the last of the family photos for the cake table. So I'm right there with ya on friday beer! good luck.

Nicole said...

don't worry...things will all go smoothly!!!