Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Isn't it the best feeling when you come home to find a box sitting on your front porch when you weren't even expecting a delivery?!? I feel like a giddy little kid at Christmas. I rush inside to find out what that mystery box contains! :-)

One package that I recently received contained three wedding day accessories. I was so excited when I saw the return sender because I knew what the box contained- my garters and dress label!!!! I ordered the garters and dress label from MondeDesign on Etsy.

Here is my dress label which turned out fabulous!
My mom is going to sew the dress label into my dress once we pick the dress up from the bridal boutique.

And here are my lovely garters! Shelli at MondeDesign did such a great job matching the colors! Here is the toss away garter:

(Sorry, both garters are the same color- one picture was taken with the flash on and the other without the flash) I think it is safe to say that I will not be quitting my job in accounting to become a photographer! lol

And here is the garter that we will keep. The only difference between the toss away garter and the keeper is one small detail. If you look very closely you can see that there is a charm on the garter we will keep.
Being Butler Bulldog alums and owning two wonderful bulldogs, we had to have a little bulldog charm on the garter! :-) Future hubby LOVED the garter with the bullie!

A special thanks to Shelli at MondeDesign for creating the perfect accessories for our wedding day! If you are looking for a garter or dress label I highly recommend that you go on over to MondeDesign and talk to Shelli. What special wedding day accessories will you have!?

I have my second hair trial tonight so please keep your fingers crossed that everything turns out perfect!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!


jessica lynn said...

how cute!! :)

Newport Nuptials said...

So cute! I want to do a few things to showcase our alma mater too!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute! Love the dress label!

Jenny.Lee said...

The charm is so cute and couldn't be more perfect!

My Dream Ring said...

Love the label and the gater...the bulldog charm is priceless!!!

sarah said...

Thanks for the Etsy recommendation. I was trying to decide who to use for my label in my gown and looks like you just made the decision for me.

Kiana said...

Love these two :) You are getting so close!!

Candice said...

OMG I totally haven't gotten a garter yet!! I may be using your seller! Hopefully it got to you quick because, well, you know how close I am! Thanks to your post for reminding me!!