Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Morning of Our Big Day

I know that my wedding day is 9 months away but I still think about the morning of our wedding and the entire timeline of how it is all going to happen. I am struggling with a couple details- mainly staying in the Bridal Suite all by myself the night before and the journey to the hair salon.

I am getting my hair done at a hair salon on the south side of Indy called Exclusives Hair Salon and Day Spa. I am sure that some of the other bridemaids will also want to get their hair done at the salon. The salon has a wonderful area upstairs for bridal parties where they are completely separated from all the other clientele. They have several chairs, manicure station, etc. My big issue is that I didn't want everyone to have to drive down there and then back downtown. Plus, let's face it......we will all be drinking a couple of Mimosa's the morning of the wedding! I had also debated on seeing if the hair stylists would come to the Bridal Suite downtown at the Marriott where I will be staying the night before the wedding.

My other issue is that I really don't want to stay in that suite all by myself since we are going down the traditional route of not spending the night together the night before (yes- I am a big baby).

Adrienne, one of my best friends and bridesmaid, helped solve my dilemma!

Solution - I am going to see if all the bridemaids would want to crash in the bridal suite the night before the wedding but only if they want to! I just think it would be so awesome to wake up the day of my wedding with all of my closest friends! Is this selfish of me?!?

Once awake we will all get showered (or shower the night before) and then climb into a limo to head to the hair salon. My mother, mother-in-law, and flowergirl (though I am sure she will want to crash in the bridal suite with us) will join us at this time for the limo ride. We can sip Mimosa's on the way to the hair salon and just have time to spend together. There will be a couple of hair stylists scheduled to work on people's hair. My photographer and videographer will stop by to capture some shots of us getting ready. Once we are done we can head back downtown to the bridal suite to finish getting ready.

Mmmmm.......I could go for one right now! I am sure work would frown upon that!

This would be nice to transport us to and from the hair salon!

Meanwhile, my fiance is going to see if the groomsmen would like to crash at our house the night before the wedding. They will all get up and get ready together (I am sure while watching football and drinking). My fiance's exact words were- "While you guys get your hair done I will throw a party with my groomsmen." LOVELY!! I am thinking that since the hair salon is just down the road from our house I am going to send the videographer and photographer to the house to get some "memories" captured. Maybe the boys will behave a little better if they are being taped/photographed (doubt it). In the end, we are going to have to get a limo to take them downtown to finish getting ready as well (I'm sure they won't complain about that one bit).

What are your plans for getting ready in the morning?


Newport Nuptials said...

I have also thought about this even though my day is almost 2 years away. We are going the traditional route as well and at first I was planning on staying in a suite with my mom. She is getting a two bedroom suite and sharing it with my brother and his family, but then I realized my two year old niece will be there and I want a good nights sleep, so sharing a room with a 2 year old may not be such a great idea. So being a baby as well, I don't want to stay alone either and think the bridesmaid idea is awesome!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a great plan! My morning of I woke up at 8 with my parents coming in and saying "It's your wedding day!!!" I got out of bed, ate breakfast with the family and then my MOH picked me up and we were off to the hair salon. Then my MOH took me to another bridesmaid's for my make up to be done. Then we headed to the church. My wedding was at 2p.m. so we didn't have much morning time, and it flew by!

Adrienne said...

Good call! I was going to suggest having your girls stay with you!

I will be getting ready at my house, and I am having some of my girls stay the night with me the night before. Then we are having the stylists and make-up artists come to the house to make us beautiful! Oh I can't wait!!

Jenny.Lee said...

That's a great plan! It will be me and my Sis (MOH) the morning of the wedding and then we will meet up with everyone at the Ranch. Can't wait!

jessica lynn said...

ogmygosh i am so excited for your wedding! is it really still 9 months away!? i am TOTALLY up for having a sleepover the night before your big day! how fun! and mimosas in the morning, and in the limo, and at the hair salon, and back in the limo :) haha! can't wait!