Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Engagement Photo Update

I talked to my photographer yesterday and my engagement pictures are done!!!!! YAY!!!!

Issue - the pictures have not been sent to Pictage yet due to a family emergency that occurred earlier and she was out of town at a photo shoot. She told me to give her a call at some point today so that we could discuss the engagement picture situation and set up a meeting to go over guest book ideas.

I am very optimistic and hopefully I will have my grubby little hands all over these pictures in the next day or so! Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully my next post will be a sneak peak at some of my pictures!!!

For now I leave you with two more pictures that I sent to my florist, David, to consider as inspiration (obviously with our color scheme in mind) for our high centerpieces (we want to alternate high-low)! You can also see the first picture I sent to our florist for consideration at Tying the Knot! Enjoy!
Photo via Wedding Channel
Photo via Wedding Channel



Adrienne said...

YAY that is great news! Can't wait to see them!

Ashley said...

Ok I guess that is what happened to mine too...she told me the same thing (they were done and I'd get them Monday after they were uploaded) and I've been wondering where they were! Hopefully we can both see our pics soon....:)

jessica lynn said...

omg i want to see those pictures as much as you do!!!! :) she has made you wait too long!!

An Atlanta Bride said...

Those arrangements are gorg!! I love tall centerpieces. We are doing a mix of high's and low's. No doubt yours will be beautiful :)

Grosgrain Bride said...


Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel H. said...

I love the first centerpiece idea! It's so colorful but beautiful! I love it. You may have already posted, but what do the bridesmaids dresses look like? You'll have to post about them soon, if you haven't! :) And I can't wait to see the engagement photos either! :)

An Atlanta Bride said...

P.S.: Wanted to thank you for being a frequent reader of my blog! I truly love all the comments I receive...and I've noticed that you've left more than a few :) They are so nice to read! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!