Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Engagement Pictures......HURRY HURRY!!!!

I am still patiently waiting for my engagement picture proofs (okay, maybe not so patiently). I have already started planning all the different things that I am going to do once these pictures are in my greedy little hands!!!

  1. Save the Dates

  2. Blurb/Shutterfly Book

  3. Guest Book for the Wedding
Save the Dates - I am going to have to go through the agonizing process of creating save the dates. Yes ladies and gents, the moment that I have dreaded the most about wedding planning is coming close - Save the Dates and Invitations! There are soooooo many choices that it makes me dizzy and desire an alcoholic beverage (well, maybe not to that extreme.....maybe just sometimes).

So, if anyone has any places that they used for save the dates or ideas.......please help!!!

Blurb/Shutterfly - once the engagement pictures are in my hands I am definitely going to be going to Blurb or Shutterfly to create a lovely coffee table book to grace our table of all of our engagement pictures. This will also allow me to have all of my engagement pictures on display and not just have them stored in some box or on the computer. Both of these websites are AWESOME because they allow you to upload your pictures and create photo albums for very cheap (cheaper than you can make a scrap book anymore)!! The websites are also very user friendly and have many options when it comes to backgrounds, fonts, etc. My sister-in-law, Tara, is currently working on a photo album of my niece and nephew on Shutterfly and it is ADORABLE!! These two websites would also be a great, affordable places to create wedding albums once we take ownership of the proofs!

Shutterfly and Blurb books

I know it is hard to believe but Rich and I really don't have that many pictures of just the two of us (drunken times at parties in college are probably not the best to be flashing to family). So, this will actually give me a book that has, hopefully, great pictures of the two of us and it will be fun! I have also thought about making one of these awesome books for my mom and his mom because they alwasy complain that they never have pictures of the two of us!

Guest Book - Lastly, once my engagement pictures are done my photographer, Angela, is going to put together a guest book for people to sign at our wedding that will have all of our engagement pictures! I am SOOO excited!


Adrienne said...

Check out Vista Print for your Save-the-Dates if you are designing them yourself and just need to print them. I used them and will be posting mine soon!

For your guest book, you can use Blurb for that too if you have the time to put it all together.

Jessie said...

I am waiting for our "engagement" pictures too. :-) I am not really patient and next week we're already waiting since 6 weeks

bekapaige said...

I second Adrienne's vistaprint suggestion- we used them for our STDs and they were great.

I used MyPublisher for my boudoir photos and Shutterfly for our engagement photos, and I was very happy with the quality of both. I haven't used Blurb, but one of my friends did for her wedding photos and it turned out well too. I think making photo books is so much fun! :)

Candice said...

We also used Vista Print and googled vista print coupon codes, we got a great deal. I totally understand the photo thing, when we first moved in with each other I think we had 3 photos of each other. I had a ton of just him, him with friends or me with my friends but I think we appreciated our engagement photos that much more :) Can't wait to see how they came out!

jessica lynn said...

i am as excited to see your engagement picts as you are!!!!! and you know that i looooved my blurb guestbook!

Ashley said...

We're waiting for ours too! Angela told us by next Monday when her husband gets back. I didn't know she could do guest books...what kind of album choices does she have? are they on her pricing list?

Richard said...
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LauraAnn said...


When did you have your engagement pictures taken?

I found out about the guest book when I was telling her what I wanted to do with my engagement pictures during our photo shoot, she said she could definitely do that for me. She did not mention price and I know that her pricing sheet does not mention that specific item. I should probably email her to ask her about that. I will try to post something if I find out.