Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas!!!! Things were so crazy around the holidays that I decided to take a minor blogging hiatus (unintentionally).  My plans for returning to blogging last week were interrupted by an awful cold.  Of course I would wait until the last week of 2010 to get sick.  C'et la vie!  I am feeling much better but unfortunately I have shared my nasty sickness with Hubs.  Poor guy!

Needless to say, we were pretty boring for New Years.  Hubs and I stayed in with Buerly and Rooney and had our own little party.  Hubs made his AWESOME Wisconsin-Trio Fondue!  Seriously, Melting Pot has nothing on Hubs!  Honestly I think I could have eaten 3 lbs of that delicious concoction!  Cheese and chocolate are the way to this girls heart (not together though).  By the time we made it to the main entree we were stuffed.   Just in case you were curious, the main entree was steak, shrimp, mushrooms and broccoli all cooked in a mojo broth.  We had planned on doing chocolate fondue for dessert but I don't think we could look at food after our enormous feast.

We spent the rest of the evening leading up to the New Year watching Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother/dazed in a food coma.  That show is freaking hilarious! I cannot believe we just started watching this!  At midnight we watched the ball drop, kissed and toasted champagne.  Afterward we resumed watching How I Met Your Mother.  I know, pretty darn boring! lol

Oh, but there were two little monsters that apparently celebrated the New Year a little to hard!
You know Buerly is EXHAUSTED when his tongue is sticking out.  But he seems to love the new bed he got for Christmas!

Rooney looks like he had one too many!  Granted, we did feed him bread, steak, granny smith apples (seedless) and carrots (spoiled, I know).  Poor guy was out for the count!  Once it was time for bed it was all that he could do to lift his head and give us the look like, "I know you want to carry my fat a** upstairs and tuck me in.....right?!"

Have a fabulous day!
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Nicole-Lynn said...

Such as sweet pics! Hope you're feeling better! Happy New Year!!

jessica lynn said...

happy new year!

Jessica said...

Your dogs kill me, they are so adorable. Happy new year!