Friday, December 10, 2010

Exercise.....or lack there of

It is FREEZING here!!!! And sadly, it is only going to get colder.  I am talking, single digits, zero and even negative degrees people......and not windchill......actual temperature!!!!! Gross!

That being said, I need to find some other way to exercise because there is no way in hell I am going to attempt to run outside in those temperatures. 

Hubs and I were both whining discussing the other night about how inactive we have been lately. 
Hubs: I seriously need to start exercising again. I felt so much better when I exercised daily.
Me: I agree.  I am starting to get a little fluffy around the mid-section.  But there is no way in hell I am going to run in the cold weather.
Hubs: Well, the other night I saw an infomerical on this exercise called Zumba.  Have you ever tried it?
Me: {laughing} No, but I have always heard great things about it.
Hubs: Well, I did some research and they say that you can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.  And it looks like all they do is dance like crazy.  I think we should try it, it looks like fun.
Me: {bewildered, amused look on my face} Ooooookay......are you sure?!
So, here is where I need your help my blogger friends:

What are your thoughts on Zumba? Love it, hate it!?  Give the good, the bad and the ugly please.

Since we don't have a gym membership, taking a class is out of the question.  Is there a good Zumba dvd out there that any of you would recommend?!

Thanks in advance! :-) Have a fabulous day!
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Corinne said...

I haven't used a DVD, only been to classes offered around the community. (check out to see if there is a class offered around in your community. You can pay per class so you can try it out and see what you think before you invest money on a DVD).
I LOVED Zumba!!! It was SO much fun. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want. Some people don't think you can really achieve anything with the classes but I totally disagree. If you focus on the muscles your working during the different moves, I guarantee you'll feel it. Plus, it's tons of fun. I never ever got bored and loved going to exercise for a hour as long as it was zumba ;)
So basically I love it. I will warn you - the first couple of times you may feel silly doing it. It's not your usual "work out" but trust me, once you get over the fact that nobody is watching you, it turns into a ton of fun!
Let us know what you and hubby decide to do and what you think!

A.L. said...

They have a a Zumba for the Wii/ Xbox if you all have either? So much fun and also does not really feel like you are even exercising!

Miss Pancakes said...

i haven't done Zumba but i do have Tao-Bo and those dvds are awesome if you are consistent with them!

Adrienne said...

That is so funny he asked about Zumba! :) I have done it and love the classes, although I have only done them at my gym. So I don't have any good DVD's to suggest. Can't wait to hear how your experience goes! :)

Jessica said...

My friend uses the DVD's and she loves it. My gym offers it and I'm totally gonna try it out...soon. ;)

Laurie J said...

zumba is so. you'll LOVE it! seriously. I have like no coordination and I do ZUMBA at a nearby church on Sat. mornings. Nothing like sweatin and fellowshippin with friends :)

Mike said...

I find that once you have a routine where you exercise you really can't stop.