Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!

It is amazing how quickly an open week with nothing to do gets completely jam-packed, booked solid.  But I guess that is to be expected around the holidays.  Normally I am not one to utilize the calendar on my phone much. Sad, I know, but I like to think that I can keep everything straight in that little ol' brain of mine.  But the craziness of this week has forced me to input everything into my calendar so that I can keep times and places straight.  And just to be sure that Hubs can't claim that I didn't tell him knows exactly what is going on, I input everything into his phone calendar as well! :-) No excuses! lol
Pretty sure that this is how I will feel by next Monday......

Tuesday - Dinner with Hubs, my parents, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, and cousin's bf.  I the past we all got together Christmas Day but because my Grandpa passed away this year and my Grandma is in a nursing home we decided to do dinner and drinks instead!

Wednesday - Dinner with Hubs, my parents, and college roomie, K! VERY excited to see K! It is so hard to get together with her during the holidays due to her crazy work schedule. 

Thursday - My annual shop-til-you-drop shopping day with my dad.  Granted, I think he would prefer the day to be a one stop shop at the jewelry store.......too easy Dad......too easy!  I look forward to this tradition EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR!  I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun my dad and I have while shopping.  Of course we always take a breather and grab lunch and a brewski. 

Friday - Christmas get together with friends of the family.  Our friends have three kids that are all around my age (and are either married or have significant others).  So between their schedules and our schedules it is quite difficult to orchestrate this get together.  Sadly, last year we were never able to find a time that worked for everyone so we weren't able to get together.  So we have some making up to do this year!

Saturday - Dinner at one of my best friend's houses.  I haven't seen A in what seems like FOREVER! Oh wait, it has been forever.  Not only do I get to see A and her husband but I also get to meet their new puppy!

Sunday - Colts vs Jacksonville.  This is a must win for my Colts!!!!! And of course, dinner at the Claddaugh after the game with Hubs and my parents.  Mmmmmmm......Irish food!

Phew! I am worn out just going through our schedule for this week.  Oh, and to top it off......work has been very hectic!  I still have some vacation time left that I need to use so I thought I would try to take a day off today or tomorrow but since the CPA's are coming in to do fieldwork today and tomorrow that is a MAJOR no go.  :-(  C'est la vie!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Try to stay warm!
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Jessica said...

Your shopping trip sounds like fun! I'll bet your gonna be worn out after a week full of all those fun get togethers! :)

A Real Housewife said...

good luck this week...you're going to need it!! but it does sound like you'll be having quite a bit of fun, so i'm sure you'll get through just fine. ;)