Monday, November 1, 2010

Cold Natured

Good morning! Sorry for the long, unscheduled hiatus.  Things at work have been CRAZY so by the time I get home the last thing I really want to do is look at a computer.  But no fears.....I am back!

I cannot believe how cold it has gotten! We finally turned our AC off but have been too stupid stubborn to turn our heat on.  So you can bet that we are utilizing our fireplace, blankets and warm clothing a lot.  As cold natured of a person as I am, I prefer that our house be on the cold side.  I would much rather bundle up than be hot, especially when I am sleeping at night.

Last night I was snuggled under all of my blankets, comfy as can be when Rooney decided that he was going to jump into bed to snuggle with me.  When Rooney snuggles he turns into a furnace.  Seriously, if I could choose one thing to be stranded in freezing cold temperatures with it would have to be Rooney.  Sorry Hubs!  Oddly, Rooney is just as cold natured as me.  Crazy for a bulldog, I know!

After awhile I kicked Rooney out of bed.  Not even five minutes later he was back in bed so I kicked him our for a second time.  This little game went on throughout the night.  Normally after kicking him out twice he gives up and sleeps in his own bed under his fleece blanket but not last night.  I couldn't figure it out.  FINALLY at 5 am the game stopped.  So, I went back to sleep thinking nothing of it.

After the alarm went off I managed to crawl out of bed to go turn the shower on.  As I walked towards the bathroom I noticed that our nice comforter and decorative pillows that had been stacked neatly in the corner was no longer in a neat pile.  Baffled, I grabbed the corner of the comforter to pull it back in place when suddenly the pillows started to move.  Boy did I jump! Next thing I know I see this precious little face peak out from his pillow/comforter cave.  I just stood there and laughed (and of course took a picture of it).
"MOM!!!! You woke me up!"

It then dawned on me that I had put Rooney's fleece blanket in the closet because we had had company earlier.  Poor little guy was freezing!!!!  Eventually he resurfaced only long enough to jump into our bed and burrow underneath all of my blankets. 

Note to self: Christmas gift for Rooney this year will be another fleece blanket! lol

Have a fabulous Monday!
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Jessica said...

Aww, poor Rooney! What a cute little face to wake up to. Haha

My Dream Ring said...

Get that guy the snuggie for dogs and he will be good to go! He is too cute!

Mrs. Bear said...

Hahaahahhahahahaha love this story!

Ramona said...

Oh, what a cute dog you got there!