Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Agree to Disagree on Fashion

I do not consider myself to be a fashion guru at all, but I do like to think that I am somewhat fashionable.  There are definitely some trends out there that I am just not brave enough to wear but others that I dive head first into.  I have noticed lately that Hubs gives me weird looks questions some of the things I wear.

Example #1:
Black Nina Ruffle Pumps

I wore these beauties out to dinner the weekend of our anniversary. 
Hubs: What the heck are you wearing?! Those are.......ummmmmm......interesting.
Me: Aren't they ADORABLE?!?
Hubs: Adorable would probably be the last word that I would use to describe them.
Me: Well, they are totally in style and I love them.
Hubs: Are you sure?!?
Me: Yes

As we were walking to dinner Hubs saw another girl wearing a similar pair of shoes.

Hubs: Hmmmm......I guess they are in style.
Me: Seriously?!? {Glaring at Hubs} It took you seeing another girl in a similar pair of shoes for you to trust my fashion sense.  Why the hell do you think I buy all those magazines?!? 
Hubs: {With a sheepish look on his face} I'm sorry.  I know you are fashionable.

Example #2:
Hunter Boots
I received these wonderful, warm boots as a birthday present from my momma this year! The howls of laughter that came from my dad and Hubs when I opened these up can not be described.  Hubs asked if I was planning on frolicking along the meadows of England's countryside.  In between shaking his head and laughing he went on to inform me that these are cute on small children but not grown adults.  Once again, these are practical and totally in style so I do not care what he thinks.  Hubs, on the other hand, begged that I not wear these out in public when I am with him.  So of course you know I will be wearing these out in public with him the first chance I get! lol

Example #3:
Victoria's Secret- Faux Fur Vest

Once again, I received looks of bewilderment from Hubs on this one. I am sure you can all imagine the comments he made about this one!

Other articles of clothing/accessories that don't make Hubs "Favorite Things for Laura to Wear" List would be- 
  • Ballet Flats- pretty sure Hubs would feed these to Rooney if given the chance
  • Skinny pants- he does like some skinny jeans but is picky
  • Tall scrunch boots- he thinks that I should be an elf in Zelda or Lord of the Rings with these boots
Hubs definitely knows what he likes and what he does not like when it comes to my clothing/accessories.  I am willing to take into consideration some of his requests but in the end I still wear what I want.  He always puts up with it but may tease me a little in the process.  Do you have any clothing/accessories that your husband/significant other dislikes or teases you about?

Have a fabulous Thursday! One more day!
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Candicelyn said...

Landon gives me the same funny glares. It's funny how I expect a compliment and he thinks I am throwing away money. Boys.

Jessica said...

I want Hunter boots so bad! GAH!
Men are clueless when it comes to fashion. haha

Mrs. Ruby said...

Haha - this is so hilarious! And honestly, I don't think any of our husbands ever totally understand fashion.
Also, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY on the 27th!!!

Ams said...

S is the same way - always insulting my GREAT style. Okay, so I might not have spectacular style but sometimes I wonder what's going in HIS style mind you know?

Kassie said...

My mom SO doesn't understand the Hunter wellie thing. I was going to get some, until she said they looked like Santa Claus boots or firemen shoes.

Psh tosh, what does she or he know? :)