Monday, December 29, 2008

Sooo lucky!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Over the holidays I had several family members inquiring as to how wedding planning was going. I quickly realized that I still had two big items to take care of- DJ and cake. For us, a DJ is very important because they set the tone of the reception. I had no clue when it came to selecting a DJ so I asked several family/friends who had recently gotten married. There was one DJ (DJ's Direct) that had received several rave reviews. I had even been to one of the weddings that utilized this DJ and remember the dance floor always being packed with people dancing. Rich and I want to be able to dance the night away.

So, today I jumped online to get a quick online quote. We really wanted to book the owner of the company because that was the specific person that was recommended to us. After seeing that he was available I just went with my gut instinct and booked him. I called the company to confirm that they had received my deposit. The secretary informed me that I was very lucky because another girl had asked for a quote today for the same day as my wedding and for the same DJ but she had not put her deposit down. Since I put my deposit down I pretty much snatched this DJ up and forced the secretary to send that email that every bride dreads- 'the person you are looking at has been booked' email. I did feel bad (for about 2.5 seconds). Needless to say I am very relieved and happy to be able to check another thing off of my list!!!!

And of course, some beautiful pictures!

How precious is this picture of the flower girl gazing out of the window?!? (photo via Evoke Photography)

Gorgeous!!!! (photo via Jessica Claire)